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  • [911]20240713-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Satori in Disguise
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Two 12" SB34NRXL75-8 Woofers arrived last night and today they are being inserted into Warfedale 70D cabinets that have been sitting around for decades. Selling the innards of the Warfedales may be difficult but I can't just throw them away. Hopefully by tomorrow's mix, there will be something to report.
  • [910]20240707-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - DarkTrip
    • Comments - When you can't do things you used to do, do other things. Some may question the wisdom of putting a percapella version of a Latin Freestyle track at the end of a mostly Experimental Electronic mix.
  • [909]20240706-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Jungle+
    • Comments - Rawness vs polish. Counterpoint. Cliche. Surprise.
  • [908]20240704-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Go Crazy
    • Genre - Metal+
    • Comments - Small experiment on the hard genre switch trying to keep the same energy. New woofers coming soon, and the latest version of the DJ cart will evolve to have an external crossover before the amps. But it's so damn heavy!
  • [907]20240630-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Old and Stubborn
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Very confused. I thought this title sounded familiar. 10 years ago, when I still indexed the tracks on the CDs, I made another Mix with a similar title. But that one is Metal. This one is monotonous and relaxing Dub Techno.
  • [906]20240629-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Long Tour
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - The grind of a cross-country US Tour. You can't easily cancel, no matter how bad ticket sales are and how tired you are of the people that do come. Put your face in your hands, sit on the side of the stage and cry while you pretend to check your phone.
  • [905]20240623-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Were They
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Bose 901 Outdoor Reflector Project huge success at 50/50 party. Broke in a new DJ as well. Here is an eclectic mix of various beauty products designed for unknown skin types.
  • [904]20240616-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Dark Kitty
    • Genre - Dark Trip
    • Comments - Sorry for the 2 glaring fuckups, not just weird DJing. Some wonderful dark throbbing here so don't let the carelessness put you off.
  • [903]20240615-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Smart Kitten
    • Genre - Reggae
    • Comments - Hippie was in a cage in Salinas when we met her. We were just looking for something to do with mother in-law but also, we were wanting a cat. When we saw her, we thought she would be swooped up before the approval to rescue went through. She came home with us 3 days ago. This mix was done with her help, she prefers Reggae to most of the stuff she has heard from me so far.
  • [902]20240608-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Ur Not Dancing
    • Genre - TranzWave
    • Comments - Is it Trancey ShitWave or Vice inspired Trance, just more eclectic Neo Trance or Melodic Techno Trance or Transexual Berlin School? In any case ur not dancing!
  • [901]20240602-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Live
    • Comments - Live recordings.
  • [900]20240602-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - People drive big trucks up north, as they do here. But they don't get up on your ass like they do down here.
  • [899]20240512-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Cock Rockets
    • Genre - Neo Dance
    • Comments - What does Atmospheric Techno, Italo Dance, Electro Pop and Neo Trance have in common? Nothing besides this mix. I think it has a vibe.
  • [898]20240511-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    No Socks
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - A couple tracks on this maybe I have featured one too many times. I don't know if you know this but it's a goal to not do that. As comfortable as I am making mixes, sometimes I lose my head.
  • [897]20240505-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Miami Lounge
    • Comments - Each player can assign up to 78 points, 3-18 in each of the 6 abilities, Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Death means coming back with a new character one level lower than before and a point from a randomly determined ability. No XP points, just leveling when DM determines group has earned it. Healing takes place at 10% per day of total hit points for the damage below 50% of full health and 20% plus/minus 5% for each point of Constitution bonus for damage above 50% of full health. This means most player characters will heal fully in 7 days. Any character that is reduced to one hit point will always take 4 weeks to fully recover. Upon receiving a death blow, character rolls a saving throw 50% chance that they linger with 1 hit point.
  • [896]20240504-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Demonic Flirting
    • Genre - Metal
    • Comments - All ages metal show at Catalyst. Will I survive?
  • [895]20240428-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Death House
    • Genre - Death House
    • Comments - Maybe an exaggeration.
  • [894]20240427-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Need Wants
    • Genre - Trance
    • Comments - When you have no actual needs and wants you are going to collect phrases and truisms that help you speak in cliche.
  • [893]20240420-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Neo Pagan
    • Genre - Neo Trance
    • Comments - Not really a 420 mix. Not much Pagan or Trance either. Neo Retro?
  • [892]20240414-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Hair Cutting
    • Genre - Chill
    • Comments - The hum of the hair clippers was the most prominent sound, but different rhythmic patterns kept emerging. There was beer and hawthorn nuggies.
  • [891]20240413-1.1:19:41 114,756K DCHLY COOOCH
    Right Between the Heart
    • Genre - Vice
    • Comments - As in a bit of Michael Mann inspiration in this mix. But I did hold back, could have been much more Vice. I am working towards that slowly. Does he know the worlds he creates from experience or is this his fantasy?
  • [890]20240407-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Seconds to Launch
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Purposely defying the sub genres of Techno and combining decades is quite risky. The eclectic style seems right now that so much time has passed. Toss your walker aside and pick up the pace.
  • [889]20240406-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Unnecessary praise for a meal that might kill you. Too much spice on that street vendor Vindaloo. Professional wrestling makes me teary. Vulvic eruptions and Timothy Leary.
  • [888]20240331-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Quick Exits
    • Genre - Party
    • Comments - When the hollow chocolate Easter bunny is bitten into, there is a stale chocolate fart waiting inside. A whiff of nostalgia, failure and the abject.
  • [887]20240330-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Egg Mandala
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - There are squirrels in the yard that look mangey and skinny and there are squirrels that look chubby with perfect fur. They don't hang out together. Yes, it takes half the mix to get to the Dub Techno.
  • [886]20240324-1.1:18:17 112,729K DCHLY COOOCH
    Thick Thigh Sox
    • Genre - Noiz Pop
    • Comments - This was the third cosplay convention this week. All of her influencer buddies would be there; they would meet beforehand at the Olive Garden down the road near the airport. They all walked the line trying to keep some goth credibility while referencing more mainstream idioms.
  • [885]20240323-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Vague House
    • Comments - Does some of today's errands without problem before the headaches begin. Taking the medication now would make going home now a necessity and no other things could be accomplished. Home is under an abandoned agricultural structure; of what purpose it served can no longer be determined.
  • [884]20240317-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Late Night College Radio 1982
    • Genre - College Radio
    • Comments - Deliberately obscure, needlessly quirky, but filled with nostalgia for when college radio played all the things the other radio would not.
  • [883]20240316-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Not Going
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Proceeds to bang but then ceases to bang. A strange assortment.
  • [882]20240310-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Soundtrack
    • Comments - Deathstalker knows there is a line between sexual degradation and rape.
  • [881]20240309-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - The Tamole: Unwrap the tamale and put it in a small baking dish. Cover with mole and add a tablespoon of water. Cover with foil. Cook 1/2 hour at 400 degrees or until water is evaporated and mole starts to gel.
  • [880]20240303-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Does the underlying chaos have any impact on the mundane? De-transitioning from causality.
  • [879]20240302-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Emo Drone
    • Genre - Dark Trip
    • Comments - Binary reality, the dialectic, exists because nothing can be perfect. Manifesting all or manifesting nothing is impossible. There is no perfect beginning, no perfect segmentation, or perfect end. There is no perfect resolution to anything. In this context perfection is the complete encapsulation without remainder or exception. It is true that on occasion some people imagine perfection. They experience it in their imagination. But in reality, the edges of all things are infinitesimally granular or blurry. The dialectic is the first and last attempt to comprehend before approaching the unknowable and incomprehensible. The dialectic also suffers from the same dilemma and hence the trinary need for nullification. And this is how the cascade of manifestation occurs numerologically 0, 1, 2, 3 ..., each step trying to account for phenomenon which has been differentiated.
  • [878]20240225-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Sexually Transmitted Disease
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Regarding intention setting rituals: if your intention is not already set, you should probably not bother.
  • [877]20240224-1.1:13:12 105,427K DCHLY COOOCH
    Evolution is a Pyramid Scheme
    • Genre - Dub
    • Comments - Dub, Steppas and Half Step plus a dash of Disco. Do you decide what is good Idea based on the chemical response as it comes into being or do you measure it with money? Stay delusional.
  • [876]20240218-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Solution is Problem
    • Genre - World
    • Comments - If solution is problem we can insource directly, complementing our core shortcomings with strategic incompetence. Undigestible realities can be transformed into partial debilitation for leveraging unearned rewards.
  • [875]20240217-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    Order of Eight Angles
    • Genre - DarkTrip
    • Comments - Because nine is too much. For people who are disappointed with the internet and democracy.
  • [874]20240211-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Lawnmowers Football and Beer
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Decidedly unambitious.
  • [873]20240210-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Another Life
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - The fires of tomorrow burn in the hearts of the displaced. The ash of yesterday remains to be scattered.
  • [872]20240204-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Out in the Rain
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Good Music for Bad People gig is today. It is raining as I make this mix. The sound system will be wheeled down to the bar in the rain. Two plastic sheets and two rolls of duct tape cost $50.
  • [871]20240203-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Psy-Fry
    • Comments - Technology represents a break from prior process flows but also is part of the greater evolutionary scope. Every now and then a tendency of evolution escalates a brutality that will inevitably burn itself out. On Gamma Draconis this was playing itself out with the rise of a particularly pernicious robot legion.
  • [870]20240128-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Reggae
    • Comments - Of times when suffering is so great that you must poke it with a sharp stick.
  • [869]20240127-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Status Quo
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Dropping in a couple Psytrance tracks into an otherwise Techno set doesn't always work out but I cannot help myself. Step forward or 2 Step back?
  • [868]20240121-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Dark and Tasteful
    • Genre - Dark
    • Comments - There is a cold aspect of experimental electronics and a warm aspect of dub. This mix explores possibilities of cohabitation. There are times when the gothic sensibility grates on the psychedelic mind. This mix tries to have it both ways.
  • [867]20240120-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - At the far right of my top shelf in the Techno section is a small handful of records by an artist who also ran their own label that greatly influenced the strain of Techno that became hypnotic and atmospheric, which is some of my favorite kind.
  • [866]20240113-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Mello
    • Comments - I should stop telling people how excited I am to experience the worst year in recent years of bad years.
  • [865]20240107-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Wet Sand
    • Genre - Sublearic
    • Comments - Concerning conversations of political sensitivity, social change and taxes.
  • [864]20240106-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Rock Hard
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Like, I'm about to rock, at least getting ready to.
  • [863]20231231-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - House
    • Comments - All from one dude. These records are hard for me to mix into other thing because they don't seem to play nice, even though they are very tracky tools. Most of these never appear in other mixes in this list, and if they did they caused a trainwreck. They seem like they would be easy to mix into anything but they only like each other. What is going on?
  • [862]20231230-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Tenderqueer Heartthrob
    • Genre - EDM
    • Comments - As they lowered their pants, they realized they needed to flip the record over.
  • [861]20231225-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Occult Freestyle
    • Comments - I wish there actually was a genre that was Freestyle with occult content but alas that is not this. There is no reason the Freestyle and the Proggy occult music should be in the same mix. Too much Chrissy?
  • [860]20231224-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Bad at Mixing
    • Genre - House
    • Comments - Identify this!
  • [859]20231223-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Deep In Cider
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - The Raging Pagans eat meat that is burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.
  • [858]20231217-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Return From Oakland
    • Genre - Prog
    • Comments - Tremelo
  • [857]20231216-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Reactionary Strategies Against Progress
    • Genre - Liminal
    • Comments - When the spectacle becomes difficult to enjoy even with post-modern distance. A solstiss mix.
  • [856]20231210-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Anal Pluge
    • Genre - Electro
    • Comments - But if the lady with the unhealthy skin returns, please ask her if the outside did that to her and how long was she out there?
  • [855]20231209-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Imagine a horde of women with the style of Morticia Adams or one of the Hammer Horror Dracula ladies. A whole bunch of them flash mobbing anywhere. War zones.
  • [854]20231203-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Appropriate Appropriation
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - There is nothing more clearly cultural appropriation than Dub Techno. A Genre that was made popular by German fans of Dub Reggae by taking elements of Dub and using the effects and techniques made popular by Jamaican Dub innovators and then merging this with Techno, a genre created by Detroit artists; anyone that rejects this on the grounds of cultural appropriation is trapped in a silly game. Anyone with ears can know the art speaks for itself better than this academic pose.
  • [853]20231202-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    More Dentist Office Music
    • Genre - Easy Listening
    • Comments - A little more varied than the original.
  • [852]20231126-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Dentist Office Music
    • Genre - Ballads
    • Comments - We don't have to change the music too much to improve the dentist office, let's get to b-sides and adjacent rock, soul and dance tunes that never got into heavy rotation.
  • [851]20231125-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Onerous
    • Comments - Nihilism is a cop-out and a shortcut, but there are times when it may stand in your way of relief from helplessness, anger and sorrow. You may feel like doing something, being part of the solution, having your voice heard - that this is the only proper response, some small act that will relieve your guilt of doing nothing in hopes of reducing the sadness.
  • [850]20231112-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Bourgois Addictions
    • Genre - World
    • Comments - Paper towels, no commercials, good sound everywhere, big yard, sushi...
  • [849]20231111-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Night of the Shithawks
    • Genre - EDM
    • Comments - If I seem troubled it is because the waves of sadness have long past as I swim in deep waters of sorrow. We never will know what is aging, in the biological sense and what is wisdom. I am waiting for abduction that I know will never come. I see shadows that look like sinister beings that consider it but are ultimately not interested.
  • [848]20231105-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - If The walk to nightclub is too far and your heels are brutal, try to think of the dark energy between worlds and use it to guide you. Repeating quaint old phrases and claiming the sinister tradition can't possibly work. Unless your imagination is stunted, like a stiff person at yoga class, you get high just getting to the floor.
  • [847]20231104-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Leveraged Connections
    • Genre - Prog
    • Comments - The most understanding of the System that can be had, from inside, does not give you the ability to act outside the currents of the System. You still must organize humans by promising change. And then you realize you are of the System, by the System, for the System. You tried to find freedom, but you dug in deeper.
  • [846]20231029-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Carnevil I
    • Genre - Circus
    • Comments - Halloween circus theme.
  • [845]20231029-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Carnevil II
    • Genre - Circus
    • Comments - Halloween circus theme.
  • [844]20231029-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Carnevil III
    • Genre - Circus
    • Comments - Halloween circus theme.
  • [843]20231028-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Special Purpose
    • Genre - Spastic
    • Comments - Standards are low as we let the children paint each other with their excrement. The ai has created a course in humanization, promoting activities that accelerate the erasure of symbolic matrix installed in the human mind incidentally as part of a techno integrated work. A faster cleanse than abstinence, but comes at the cost of some trauma, which is now believed to be necessary to humanizing.
  • [842]20231022-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Stuff Your Feelings
    • Genre - Disco Punk
    • Comments - Just songs to help you stuff your feelings with.
  • [841]20231021-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Fine Dining
    • Genre - Soft Trip
    • Comments - Dash of Carpenter and Berlin makes a fine meal. Like a 7-11 microwave slider. When you need it, you need it.
  • [840]20231008-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Was going to be named Rise to Dominance to give it a phallic title but don't know why it needs a phallus.
  • [839]20231007-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Acts Of Mercy
    • Genre - Prog
    • Comments - Dark Prog? Conflict in the Middle East and the Near East. Not even the names make sense.
  • [838]20231001-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Losing It
    • Genre - EDM
    • Comments - It gets wyrd.
  • [837]20230930-1.1:18:31 113,081K DCHLY COOOCH
    Underwhelming Odds
    • Genre - Soft Trip
    • Comments - Work, Retirement, Pleasure, Sleep, Love, Food, Music, Nature and last but not least, paper towels.
  • [836]20230923-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    In the Wrong Place
    • Genre - Evil
    • Comments - Black Metal and other sinister sounds. Like that feeling when you realize you are in the wrong place.
  • [835]20230923-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Metal
    • Comments - Dealing with the side of Metal that is like Rock and Roll before we go more extreme in part 2.
  • [834]20230923-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Metal
    • Comments - What variety of Metal will the bar tolerate? Toilet gargles, Power Metal, Psychedelic Sludge?
  • [833]20230917-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Tender Moments
    • Genre - Beats
    • Comments - When the relativism has more to do with relative scope but the scope is big enough for our small minds to be called infinite.
  • [832]20230916-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - quiet
    • Comments - I like lowercase but the fact that a lot of money went into my education makes me question if it's some kind of lame pose especially for an old person. Maybe I should capitalize and use punctuation when appropriate.
  • [831]20230910-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Psychedelic Muzak
    • Genre - Muzak
    • Comments - Another attempt at Droney Ambient that drifted into something else. This time it gets some Psychedelic guitar.
  • [830]20230909-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Return of Muzak
    • Genre - Muzak
    • Comments - Didn't really stick to the Deep Beige plan and drifted into the foreground.
  • [829]20230902-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Bat Shit
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Bull Shit, Horse Shit, Ape Shit and Bat Shit all have discrete meaning.
  • [828]20230827-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Flew the Coo
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Try to break on threw but eventually come to the conclusion that yoo are nothing but a coo.
  • [827]20230823-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Active Seeker
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Unlike an Active Shooter when we fear for the lives in the proximity, we fear for the life of the Active Seeker. But many Active Seekers survive multiple cults, self-help pyramid schemes and fad diets undeterred. This Bud is for you.
  • [826]20230813-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Good Numbers
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Every action can be logical given an appropriate context. Every context can be expanded or shrunk and then the consequences change. Optimizing humans is a dreadful undertaking. Human Potential sounds like a good horror film title to me.
  • [825]20230813-1.50:21 72,524K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - World
    • Comments - Your password on the dark web is c00ch - remember it. I shortened this mix, be grateful.
  • [824]20230812-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Clit Sauce
    • Genre - Crazy
    • Comments - It might happen today or tomorrow. The end of the world. She went deaf. There are things growing at the bottom of the hole. Messing with grammar. Is that what we are left with? I keep forgetting I am not Disco Boy.
  • [823]20230729-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - If you are addicted to Pop sugar, plan on being bored. Adult dance music is maybe a lot like Berlin school electronics and sunbathing. I believe with Dub Techno the balance between head and heart is achieved. Vibrations for the animal soul, and weird analog effects for the mind.
  • [822]20230723-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Friend of Ken
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Because language shapes reality we evolve language as a power strategy.
  • [821]20230722-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Old white cis hetero men discussing trans and/or non-binary and their children. Thats what they/we do, can't stop us now. Hyphens are no longer enough; we need more forward slashes to communicate.
  • [820]20230716-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Hey Babe
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Nihilistic as a result of being dualistic. The premise is tragic, the outcome is magic. Buy all the things from my Etsy shop.
  • [819]20230715-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Hollow Garbage
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Old man mixes boring adult Dub Techno.
  • [818]20230709-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Disco
    • Comments - On some days I am convinced I have proof of the meaninglessness of human existence. On other days I take it on faith.
  • [817]20230708-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Not Difficult
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Preparing for DA CHCY HNCKY tossing out some of the darker and difficult.
  • [816]20230628-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Goth Croquet 4
    • Genre - Goth
    • Comments - The elegant and classic with Industrial Dance.
  • [815]20230627-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Goth Croquet 3
    • Genre - Goth
    • Comments - Moody and maddening turns to Pop
  • [814]20230626-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Goth Croquet 2
    • Genre - Goth
    • Comments - The dramatic and strange.
  • [813]20230625-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Goth Croquet 1
    • Genre - Goth
    • Comments - The Punky Lo Fi side contrasted with Funeral Doom and Dark Electro.
  • [812]20230624-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Are The Screams Real
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Thank you for acknowledging my privilege, it makes me feel seen.
  • [811]20230617-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Dedicated to my cousin's car. When you drive it and listen to the original radio it makes no sense but that's ok because the motor sounds great.
  • [810]20230611-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Slutty Fashions
    • Genre - Metal
    • Comments - Kinda punky for a second but otherwise mostly British Heavy Metal. Just needed a break from all the EDM.
  • [809]20230610-1.1:19:57 115,147K DCHLY COOOCH
    Getting Soft
    • Genre - Some Dub
    • Comments - What is this mix party you ask? It is when people get together to hang out and listen to a DJ mix and smoke some reefer or have cocktails and engage in small talk or even wiggle a bit. Possibly the DJ introduces the mix and maybe makes some comments and answers questions after. A nice Hi-Fi setup would be important.
  • [808]20230603-1.1:19:57 115,148K DCHLY COOOCH
    Since She Died
    • Genre - Dub Steppas
    • Comments - I really wanted to introduce DCHLY with a hands in the air EDM mix. Problem is we still don't have much EDM but we are working on it. Also, gonna get some CDJs as soon as I pay off my liposuction bill. Being an EDM DJ influencer is hard work, you would be crazy to think it isn't. Meanwhile, this is a heavy Dub UK Steppa going out to my bro Farqi.
  • [807]20230527-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    White Pops
    • Genre - Deep Beige
    • Comments - Was supposed to go to a psy-rance party today but it's not in the location I thought it would be. You would think I would console myself with a psy mix this morning but instead I have Goth croquet on my mind.
  • [806]20230521-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Tronic
    • Comments - Electronic music, beats in the middle, fluffy on the outside. Lovely synths.
  • [805]20230520-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - With people in places that hear sounds the pleasure is far from absurd. The tingle of soft sweater my dark brown wood. Under the tarps of the universe rain batters the helmets of gold.
  • [804]20230513-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Cold War
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - There is a pop in part of one of the songs that I cannot visually spot. And it is the kind of track that would not surprise me if was part of the song, just to be annoying. Probably flaw in pressing. This is not a simple Rock mix nor is it simply Rock. If some kind of device had a good magnifying setup and a needle, like a lathe has, could it fix pops?
  • [803]20230507-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Disco
    • Comments - One of these records was so warped on arrival that I thought it was unplayable. I managed to get the innermost track to play though it has some odd noise that maybe doesn't belong. Will putting record between two plates of glass in the sun work?
  • [802]20230506-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Mind Flayer
    • Genre - Psionics
    • Comments - Never played the psionics rules in D&D. There were already enough rules. That sadly meant no Mind Flayer encounters.
  • [801]20230430-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Old Wave
    • Genre - New Wave
    • Comments - Haters of moody will never get it. Are there certain emotions they are scared of? Are they so attached to the use of music to uplift and distract one from the horror of this world? Maybe they are too traumatized already.
  • [800]20230429-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Levels of dependency on underground culture. Get the hit of culture required by your self-programming. Move through sub-cultures and see the humans conform and express themselves within limits of consent.
  • [799]20230422-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    No Intent
    • Genre - Industrial-Psy
    • Comments - I guess it started this way? Psy-Trance and Goa Trance have roots in Industrial Dance. Can we lose the wellness vibe please?
  • [798]20230416-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Ambient Dub Techno with some Classical interludes. Take a Quaalude. Dude.
  • [797]20230415-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - If you like long hair everywhere, clogging your drain and in your food, this one is for you.
  • [796]20230409-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Chill
    • Comments - If you come inside for a bit, you can put some things in the foyer, but this is not a shoes off household, mahalo.
  • [795]20230408-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    One Time Pass
    • Genre - EDM
    • Comments - Wacky Mix. No choice but to call it EDM. Nihilism is gateway satanism in the same way libertarianism is gateway authoritarianism.
  • [794]20230401-1.1:19:57 115,146K Ill Douche
    Fleet is Unsinkable
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Ill Douche mixed almost the entire business of this great release from Italian master.
  • [793]20230326-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Bird Wire
    • Genre - Bar Techno
    • Comments - I still do not know the best way to prepare for a gig.
  • [792]20230312-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Lessons Unlearned
    • Genre - CoreStyle
    • Comments - For the love of notorious figures I never had to know except in books. Always nothing, never anything.
  • [791]20230311-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Music Player
    • Genre - Eclectoner
    • Comments - Shabby old geezer on drugs walks about with a cane and mutters things like: "Allen Dulles made the gap between collecting intelligence and acting on it the size of a dime bag".
  • [790]20230305-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Fashy
    • Comments - Disgrace is fate. The 4th rule of physics is to prioritize. The 1st rule of douchebaggery is to prioritize.
  • [789]20230304-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Bar Techno
    • Genre - Bar Techno
    • Comments - It used to be that the basic ham and egger at your neighborhood bar wanted nothing more than the handful of songs on that bar's jukebox. Drunk people generally like sing-alongs, songs they know. But we have come a long way, even in the America. I think old people can handle mellow techno now. They don't really want to dance to it but maybe they can just listen. Maybe its a warm up for a more eclectic set as we get more drinky poos in us. Young people seem to be more about lyrics than ever, and there are so many old people trying to be young. And with all the terrible mashup technology that shit is everywhere... fuck that. This search for a compromise is a lifetime of work leading nowhere.
  • [788]20230226-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    After SHHH
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Clockwork Illuminati: multiple percussionists evoking a non-professional, not virtuoso, but steady rhythm of layers accompanied by various drones. All players contribute either at arbitrary times.
  • [787]20230225-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Duct Tape Fashions
    • Genre - Weird Slime
    • Comments - How should I describe Disco Boy's Weird Slime Mix called Duct Tape Fashions? ChatGPT said this and it is not true: Disco Boy's Weird Slime Mix called Duct Tape Fashions is a unique blend of electronic dance music characterized by its upbeat tempo, pulsating basslines, and funky synthesizer melodies. The track features an eclectic array of sound effects, ranging from squishy and gooey slime sounds to the distinctive sound of duct tape being ripped and stretched. The overall effect of the mix is a fun, energetic, and somewhat irreverent vibe, with a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor. The title "Duct Tape Fashions" adds to the playful nature of the track, suggesting a DIY approach to fashion that is both resourceful and creative. Overall, Disco Boy's Weird Slime Mix called Duct Tape Fashions is a lively and entertaining piece of music that is sure to get listeners moving and grooving to its infectious beat.
  • [786]20230212-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Superb Owl
    • Genre - Blackened Doom
    • Comments - The juniper wood is a wood of great value and utility. It has an erotic nature and can be held like a lover.
  • [785]20230211-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Anime Mom Porn
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Dance to the perverted mix for padded latex bikini click bait. Excellent music made digitally then pressed to vinyl, recorded to CD then ripped to 192 MP3. Will they eventually upsample it, fix my mixes and call me an unknown god?
  • [784]20230205-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Donk Sucks
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Goofy music in general is not my handbag. Though I have been known to wallow in cheese, this mix is none of those things. This one is about heavy vibrations. Disco Boy is an unrepentant asshole with lots of judgement. It is because music matters so much to me. Drugs are the most effective way to speak with god. Music makes the conversation good.
  • [783]20230204-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Born Messy
    • Genre - Emo Punky Noise
    • Comments - For those that think the DJ is too smooth.
  • [782]20230121-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Fem 2
    • Genre - Pop
    • Comments - Some Rock, Dance and other genres. But why is it fem? My approach is not very sophisticated. It is not feminist; all that wondering why boy don't love me. It's actually kinda butch at first. It's really just a lot of lady vocals.
  • [781]20230115-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Drug Yoga
    • Genre - Deep Grey
    • Comments - If there could be a yoga class that had a central sculpture surrounded by various psychedelic projections and there was an insane DJ that played edgy chill but no teacher and it was obvious that you should take drugs because this is gonna take a while.
  • [780]20230114-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Little Giant
    • Genre - Dub
    • Comments - Azure service file system D:\local.
  • [779]20230108-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Empty Dance Floor
    • Genre - House
    • Comments - Studying dance floor mechanics only happens if you make it to a dance floor. What do you learn if the dance floor is empty? Many DJs just make it louder or raise the energy in the track selection. Ever seen a DJ push into the red with an empty dance floor? Sad. The DJs I most respect listen to the previous DJ and see where the system is being pushed too hard or underused and makes appropriate adjustments. Often, the only thing they do is make it louder. Worship Me!
  • [778]20230107-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    Business Techno
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - If Techno is the new money-making club music, why are all the DJs playing Donk in this town?
  • [777]20230101-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Ant Wars
    • Genre - House
    • Comments - Start the New Year with a technically and emotionally sloppy house mix.
  • [776]20221231-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    A Blue Video
    • Genre - Aquatic
    • Comments - Sub pump can't keep up. The atmospheric river won't be used in the video, it's too brown and grey, no blue.
  • [775]20221224-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Brain Fog
    • Genre - Deep Beige
    • Comments - The last track ends with no fade out because it hypnotized me. It is sad to cut the lawn when so many mushrooms are thriving. Should I keep an ambient record that is filled with dusty crackles? Sometimes modern digital artists enjoy adding the crackles. Not sure how well artificial crackles age. Flocked Christmas trees are back.
  • [774]20221218-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dance Pop
    • Comments - Mostly edgy, mostly femmy and mostly dancey. It's a vibe?
  • [773]20221217-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Music CD
    • Genre - Parking Breaks
    • Comments - No apologies, just too much caffeine.
  • [772]20221211-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Less Exercise
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Taking the Eclectic thing far. It has a vagueness that could be fresh.
  • [771]20221210-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    Cardboard Barricades
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Can you stop the gendarmes with piles of recyclables? How long can you wait for the revolution?
  • [770]20221204-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Dub Me Silly
    • Genre - Dub
    • Comments - Don't lose the thread, selector.
  • [769]20221203-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Psyche
    • Comments - Things that could be done, could have been done, won't be done. Plays that won't be seen, people that won't be heard. Art that will be made, won't be liked, can't be sold.
  • [768]20221127-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Small Talk
    • Genre - Dark Trip
    • Comments - Make that transition from small talk to something more. When can this happen? What are the necessary conditions? Can you be traumatized by someone wanting something more?
  • [767]20221126-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Gentle Person
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - For me it is about the gravy. As long as the gravy is good you can survive all kinds of failures.
  • [766]20221122-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Lots of Difference
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Not Dark!
  • [765]20221120-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Dark Ritual
    • Genre - Dark Ritual
    • Comments - In my sad teenage brain, the DnD Alignment chart holds great sway. ONA refers to nihilism a lot, but they also seem to be really into order and a post-apocalyptic new order. It's like they prefer a strong leader if they can get one, leaderless is a fallback position and a survival tactic. Sometimes they seem like Lawful Evil as do many other satanists and anyone who thinks Hitler was cool. Would not nihilists be some kind of Neutral or Chaotic?
  • [764]20221119-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Unhappy Childhood
    • Genre - Difficult
    • Comments - I think I have made a mix like this before, but this will be the last time as most of these are going in the trash can.
  • [763]20221112-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Serial Killer Songs 2
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Lots of love themed songs. I think that is interesting.
  • [762]20221106-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Morbid Life
    • Genre - Somber
    • Comments - Ambient Drone Arty Soundtrack Somber Sorrowful Melancholy Peaceful
  • [761]20221105-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Immune Imprinting
    • Genre - Psyche
    • Comments - Maybe this is a bad idea, and I don't mean boosting yourself every 2 months. I mean trying to connect the Psy and Psyche. It's been tried before, by me and others. Next generation will be mixing Hip Hop and Psy. Bounce Psy... yuk.
  • [760]20221103-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Whoa now what was that Disco House shit? Totally pulled it off.
  • [759]20221029-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Serial Killer Songs 1
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Songs that give a bit of ego pump, is more likely to not be obscure, but in the context of a psychopath has a distinctly creepy vibe. As a white male that partied hard in the 80's I think this is something I should be able to pull off.
  • [758]20221023-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Dark Bits
    • Genre - Goth
    • Comments - You can't beat the system.
  • [757]20221022-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    El Creepo
    • Genre - Creepy
    • Comments - Two mixes in one day is how I would love to live my life. Drone to a spacy carnivalesque Trip Hop. Now I ride to microdisco #42.
  • [756]20221022-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Fresh Flesh
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Not Pure but pretty Dubby. There is value in the chakra concept. Different music hits the mind and body differently. To some degree genres try to map this but often they are more intellectual and culturally contextual. Rotating harmonic chakra pulses. Can we overemphasize the importance of sound? Of course we can you ableist bastard.
  • [755]20221016-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Highlight Reel
    • Genre - Trance
    • Comments - I lasted 4 hours then the VRBO vacationer next door complained so we ended it at midnight. This is a highlight reel. Full on Goa Trance and mellow Trancey Techno. I would say in 4 hours I had 3 trainwrecks.
  • [754]20221002-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Day Glow Zit
    • Genre - Trance
    • Comments - This rabbit hole is deep. The number of Psy-Trance tracks pressed to vinyl is getting smaller every year since the 90s when a lot of Trance compilations were made.
  • [753]20221001-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    You Do Want To
    • Genre - Deep Beige
    • Comments - Trump Vaccine or Biden Tests, which do you prefer? CBD hangunder mix.
  • [752]20220925-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Goa Round
    • Genre - Trance
    • Comments - More experiments for the Carport Trance party. Noticing contemporary Psy Trance uses more lower registers... I wish I had more of that.
  • [751]20220924-1.1:12:44 104,758K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Trance
    • Comments - Collective party throwing is a weird endeavor, words and deeds.
  • [750]20220918-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Thai Temple
    • Genre - Trip Hop
    • Comments - Dark Trip Hop for lovers.
  • [749]20220917-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Armo Trance
    • Genre - Trance
    • Comments - A bunch of 90s Goa Trance bought from a self-proclaimed Armo on discogs. Also some bad experiments with mixing some techno and trance. Word to the wise... don't "mix" Trance.
  • [748]20220911-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Third Position
    • Genre - Soundtrack
    • Comments - The Dialectic is maddening. I know the key to happiness is invisibility, so I don't elaborate on the third position. There are so many third positions already.
  • [747]20220910-1.1:18:54 113,625K Disco Boy
    This Feeling
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Cause and effect are predictable delusions. Let the good times roll.
  • [746]20220904-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Trees = Wealth
  • [745]20220828-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    To What End
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Of course it is generally accepted that the really, really right now is about to reify its becoming. The decentering of vibrational source will proliferate the genres with a wellness update. Intelligent people already know this. -Noam Chomsky
  • [744]20220827-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Senior Goth
    • Genre - Goth
    • Comments - Gothing about with some noisy, haunting electronics and a few songs. Sometimes giving looks a lot like taking.
  • [743]20220821-1.1:19:02 113,833K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Feeling like I annoy everyone and moping about family and friend disasters and disasters in waiting. Wanting a really expensive chainsaw. This is Techno in the broad sense. I love genres, I find them fun and useful.
  • [742]20220820-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Liquid Amber
    • Genre - Haunt Step
    • Comments - Already in a Halloween mood and it is 2 months away. This recording made possible by Koehler pressure assist technology.
  • [741]20220813-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Of No Great Importance
    • Genre - Head Rot
    • Comments - Metal and Weirdness of a combination no great importance should be attributed.
  • [740]20220806-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Putting on furry costumes. Deep Beige, Deep Techno and Dub Techno keeps this mix underwater. Change makes us question our identity.
  • [739]20220731-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Hot Flash
    • Genre - Broken
    • Comments - Incels try and solve their rejection by short circuiting their desire, with hate. How is that working for you? They have it half right. Deprogram yourself bro.
  • [738]20220724-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Cleaning Products
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - They mostly come in plastic containers. Some are delightful. Some cleaning products your nose can't process the smell it is so alien chemistry. Flavored waters are like this too.
  • [737]20220723-1.1:19:58 115,158K Disco Boy
    Terry Cloth
    • Genre - Deep Beige
    • Comments - Only used for towels these days, what a shame. In Santa Cruz our shittiness is our special power. We will never give you what you want when you want it. You have to wait for it and take it when it is given. In the meantime, can you take care of your business and not self-destruct?
  • [736]20220717-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - Industrial Noise and Extreme Metal belong together.
  • [735]20220716-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Trial Of Ill Douche
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - When is it ok to lie? In a relative world what defines a lie? Or should we not eat cake and just eat pie?
  • [734]20220709-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Brown Grass
    • Genre - Deep Beige
    • Comments - Trying to have fun. Get high, play. Fix things. Selfish art. Cop outs are liberating.
  • [733]20220704-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    Shallow State
    • Genre - Deep Techno
    • Comments - The glory of human organization. Entropy and extropy, complexity and disintegration. Morphology of civilization. Birth defects.
  • [732]20220703-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    Miss Pots
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - What if I could get people to do something on a larp?
  • [731]20220702-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Love Fantasy Boat Island
    • Genre - Drum n Disco
    • Comments - I just tested negative and getting ready to climb aboard a cruise ship and set sail for an island called fantasy. Will we be quarantined at our port of call? Stay tuned.
  • [730]20220625-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Ever Present
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - The sadness mounts as the nihilist barricades themself with cop outs and rationalization. Trite paradoxes are the jewels in pockets, meant to play with as the chemical hum trickles across the brain.
  • [729]20220619-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Eating Ass
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - Something gritty came out of me this morning.
  • [728]20220618-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Prismatic Nails
    • Genre - Psyche
    • Comments - Recommended Record by Frank of VOD led to purchasing a few more Psyche items in my want list and lo and hence it is born.
  • [727]20220612-1.1:18:06 112,486K Disco Boy
    Part Way On Part 2
    • Genre - Fancy
    • Comments - Even with vinyl it is hard to mix Trance.
  • [726]20220611-1.1:17:28 111,569K Disco Boy
    Part Way On Part 1
    • Genre - Fancy
    • Comments - Trance inspired eclecticism not full on, part way on. Dark Sychedelic. No P.
  • [725]20220605-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Dust Bunny
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Coulda been an Ill Douche meditative atmospheric techno but flirted with some rave house bits and dub techno warmth. The dust bunny worked out well don't you think? I wish I could plan such transitions.
  • [724]20220522-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    Attack on Nothing
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Nihilism is more of an aesthetic instinct than an arguable position. Possibly the most persuasive argument for it is that almost every other philosophy considers it a major problem.
  • [723]20220521-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Milk Prinz
    • Genre - Gay Trance
    • Comments - More Hard Trance with a Gay Vibe.
  • [722]20220508-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Spin Out
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - The desire to play records publicly is a bewildering nuisance. The Eclectic style which is core to many of my mixes is good for booze situations. Drunks like familiar shit and have no attention span. But as an artist I cannot give them what they want. Can I simulate it, weave it into contradictory head spaces and try to trick them into that euphoria so that they don't need quite as many drinks? I gotta let the bar be the bar.
  • [721]20220507-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Choose Stupid
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Shortcuts around complexity are attractive. Aesthetic bubbles bring happiness.
  • [720]20220501-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Schizo Fascism
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - A weird dancefloor for sure.
  • [719]20220430-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Chaos Council
    • Genre - Black Metal
    • Comments - As the veil of fog rises from the marsh a few scattered limbs remain from the battle, forgotten as the wounded and dead were hastily removed.
  • [718]20220424-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Delusional Systems
    • Genre - Blah
    • Comments - No genre here. After a long road trip listening to Disco Boy mixes maybe there is a lack of inspiration. I have indeed done it all. Yet I have barely scratched the surface.
  • [717]20220410-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Beige Step
    • Genre - Beige Step
    • Comments - The mythological intelligent Dubstep: subdued and sparse with some good stuff happening on the higher frequencies. At some point it blurs out into a Beige pseudo ethnic vague territory. Dress me in a beige cable net sweater and sit me down on some Rattan furniture with a kind of healthy cocktail and a spliff.
  • [716]20220410-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Revenge of Rock Radio
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Rock is party music but it's usually a smaller party of your shitbag friends.
  • [715]20220403-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Records ov Dsyn
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - I've been really inspired by Xenia UA and her ability to get some rave energy into her techno mixes so I bought a bunch of bangers from dsyn2spin on Discogs. This is 69 percent from that shipment including at least two from my favorite French fucker. As per usual with the Records ov series, I never heard these before I tried to mix them so lord av mercy.
  • [714]20220402-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Not Disco
    • Comments - What kind of DJ starts out with Beige Ambience and winds up at Disco, and then lies about it? There is no market for this. Why even use records? is the DJ posture just a Bad Art strategy?
  • [713]20220402-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Not Disco
    • Comments - And then to keep going, in many cases using the other sides of the same records, that is just lazy. And the half-assed scratching? Sad! Nobody wants this level of Eclecticism. Pretty much raises the question, what is the point of all these mixes? There is no career here, just a bunch of theft that mocks the effort real DJS put into a quality mix.
  • [712]20220327-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Return to Rock Radio
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - As in the first Rock Radio mix, this is a reimagining of what rock radio could be like. For those already rocking, I forgive you.
  • [711]20220326-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Not Really
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Obsessing over the concepts of Bad Artist or Failed Artist. They are not the same to me, but both are intriguing. They call Hitler both, but he had nothing on me. My daydreams are filled with my career as an artist. Is it just a hobby? I think it is more than that. But career is a bit of an exaggeration.
  • [710]20220320-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dark Trip
    • Comments - The Left and Right are reporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine with information the Center/Mainstream/Globalist says is Russian misinformation. Gradually the Center recuperates the persistent information.
  • [709]20220319-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Bad Dreams
    • Genre - Dark Trip
    • Comments - Archiving for relevance, the sad man orders his life with pointless punctuations.
  • [708]20220319-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Several tracks from a remarkable label. Vanity is the most important attribute of an artist.
  • [707]20220313-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Rock Radio
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Songs. There was a brief moment when Rock radio was a little more diverse and interested in the new before the wall went up between all other forms of music and classic Rock. That was the Rock radio I liked. Big artists and little artists side by side. B-sides. Oddities.
  • [706]20220312-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    They Tribal
    • Genre - Deep Beige
    • Comments - Frank Ashley's business plan connects software projects with art and advertising.
  • [705]20220306-1.1:19:37 114,652K Ill Douche
    Out West
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - When left wing talking points become right wing talking points it becomes clear that there are no facts just narratives. It's about compelling story lines and the franchise. The big events happen, and you can either walk out of the movie or suspend disbelief and try and enjoy yourself.
  • [704]20220305-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Harmonic Takes 1
    • Genre - Soft Trip
    • Comments - End of the world chill music for sitting, laying about and weeping. Maybe do a little dusting.
  • [703]20220305-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Harmonic Takes 2
    • Genre - Soft Trip
    • Comments - Credibility is established and lost in networks of shame. Voices tremble and waiver as authenticity is ripped from purses and fanny packs.
  • [702]20220227-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Order and Chaos
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - It became excessively Eclectic, the result of trying to make heavy, sad, fun, energetic mix. Creative destructive or active passive; don't things fall apart on their own?
  • [701]20220220-1.1:19:16 114,157K Disco Boy
    Sad Toys
    • Genre - Echno
    • Comments - Of things Other than they aught to be.
  • [700]20220219-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Metal first then weird Dance Pop. Bad Taste and Will to Power master the wheels of steel. Vanity is the most important attribute of an artist.
  • [699]20220206-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Post Neo Darwinism
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Environmental factors have now shown to be a not quite random influence on evolution. This breakthrough puts evolutionary science more in step with intuition.
  • [698]20220205-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Church Step
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Dubstep and church organ, not the best idea I have had.
  • [697]20220123-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Door To Door
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - And if there is a little sugar in there so what?
  • [696]20220122-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    Ov Not And
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Italian Trancey Techno. I guess it is Dub Techno adjacent, but these artists and labels really have their own sound. The trance dissolves into occult workings.
  • [695]20220116-1.1:19:52 115,028K Disco Boy
    Mike B Gave Me VD III
    • Genre - Shitstyle
    • Comments - I am lazy and like chaos which is one way to explain this mix.
  • [694]20220115-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Wellness Country Vol 6
    • Genre - Country
    • Comments - Some people try and tell me to use my fame to do good. I don't know what they are talking about.
  • [693]20220112-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Out Of Band 2
    • Genre - Industrial
    • Comments - Early 80s Industrial vibes but not just. Freedom is a liberal commodity.
  • [692]20220111-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Out Of Band 1
    • Genre - Industrial
    • Comments - Early 80s Industrial vibes but not just. Some of it is real.
  • [691]20220109-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Weekday Daytime
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - If there were sound system parties on weekdays in the daytime, what would happen?
  • [690]20220108-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Metal Rave
    • Genre - New Age Fascist
    • Comments - This genre doesn't always have to be ambient. This time it is high tempo rave Techno and Breaks with Metal moments. A strange nostalgia is manifesting.
  • [689]20220102-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Naught But Twos
    • Genre - Laid Back
    • Comments - Song oriented messiness.
  • [688]20211231-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Wellness Country Vol 5
    • Genre - Country
    • Comments - Sometimes I would see the World slash Country slash Folk genre and would think this is overly broad.
  • [687]20211226-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Big Things
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - The responsibility of being a party promoter is overwhelming in the time of COVID. This mix has some House and Breaks too.
  • [686]20211225-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Wellness Country Vol 4
    • Genre - Country
    • Comments - As it becomes widely recognized in America that Christmas is a pagan holiday, specifically a Northern European holiday. Will the appeal in bashing it decline as it is distinguished from a Christian holiday? Somehow, I doubt that it will be regarded as an indigenous people's holiday that was co-opted by the Romans and the Roman Catholics as they oppressed and colonized Northern Europe. I don't think the Anglo-Saxon scapegoat is ready to be freed. There is too much fear of Nazi adjacent blood and soil paganism.
  • [685]20211218-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Wellness Country Vol 3
    • Genre - Country
    • Comments - Wellness, in some cases, is achieved by increasing mindfulness in banal moments. This mix was imagined as an Applebee's worker getting off work, driving home in an oversize pickup, pulling up to a cornfield to light a joint, watch the sunset and put off swallowing that shotgun barrel one more day.
  • [684]20211212-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Wellness Country Vol 2
    • Genre - Country
    • Comments - Use of the word 'literally' here is the kind of figure of speech that connotes opinion and thus cannot give rise to a defamation claim.
  • [683]20211205-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Wellness Country Vol 1
    • Genre - Country
    • Comments - This is the beginning of a series of safe, maybe culty, brainwash friendly, Wellness Country.
  • [682]20211204-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Grey Market
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Humans are getting stupider. Brain Fog is everywhere. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence won't get online at most places quick enough to compensate. Those that do will dominate. This is what we get for designing complex solutions that require human participation.
  • [681]20211128-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Bluish Black
    • Comments - I wanted some mood in with some musical weaknesses. Headphones and Ganja recommended.
  • [680]20211121-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Garden architecture is so decadent. It has both an impression of a noble gesture and a squandering. Who gets to enjoy it? Who builds it?
  • [679]20211113-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Mental Anguish
    • Genre - Harsh
    • Comments - It's not easy never being satisfied when you are going down.
  • [678]20211107-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - The smallest thing could make a difference.
  • [677]20211106-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - There is a breed of satanist who talks much of honor. Fuck honor, especially if you have to talk about it. Fuck honor, give me style any day.
  • [676]20211031-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Anything Real
    • Genre - Random
    • Comments - It hadn't been disturbed and you did not improve it.
  • [675]20211030-1.1:19:00 113,767K Disco Boy
    Change Of Heart
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Guilt and Pleasure
  • [674]20211017-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Sewer Viewer
    • Genre - Spooky
    • Comments - The seduction of Surrealism with the shit aesthetics of Dada.
  • [673]20211016-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Code Beige
    • Genre - Deep Beige
    • Comments - What makes your belief in god, soul and afterlife better than new age conspiracy y'all are hating?
  • [672]20211003-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Random
    • Comments - Formula for party projection: black background and mostly black with hard graphic repetition abstract suggestive but aloof.
  • [671]20211002-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - I must want to see pentagrams because I see them everywhere. 2 BMX bikes on a car bike rack, bammm, pentagram. To be safe you must put them on your personal property to protect your stuff from local devil worshippers.
  • [670]20210925-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Baby squirrels.
  • [669]20210919-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Off Broadway
    • Genre - House
    • Comments - Like a Wicked mix with worse mixing.
  • [668]20210918-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    An Orange Video
    • Genre - Rhythmic Noise
    • Comments - Savage cat ravages faces of sorry participants in a dangerous game of flame and carriages. Flaunting transgression, theft and crime, we look ahead as the golden statue grants our wishes.
  • [667]20210913-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Well Spring
    • Genre - Deep Beige
    • Comments - Well, there is a saying we have: Spring into action. Wellness improves motivation and it feeds back and just keeps spilling out making other lives better. But you have to listen to the whole thing.
  • [666]20210912-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Black Metal
    • Comments - On hearing of your death. I could have done better. I could have done more. I could have tried harder. I could have tried more.
  • [665]20210911-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    20 Years Of Bullshit
    • Genre - Gothic Industrial
    • Comments - It's war Glenn - war isn't the space for academic discussions in public.
  • [664]20210829-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    For Dimentia
    • Genre - IDM
    • Comments - Was gonna be Intelligent Dance Music but became Ignorant Disco Music. I was just going to play one Disco track and the rest twinkly Techno but half way through I broke down.
  • [663]20210828-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    A Weird Kind Of Funny
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - New batch of Krispies made me think these were heavy tunes. I think that is true. Trying to find the well spring nobody else knows and some times you end up standing in line.
  • [662]20210821-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    High Horse
    • Genre - Deep Beige
    • Comments - Or, is postmodernity the pastime of an old man who scrounges in the garbage heap of finality looking for leftovers, who brandishes unconsciousness, lapses, limits, confines, goulags, parataxes, non-senses, or paradoxes, and who turns this into the glory of his novelty, into his promise of change? - Jean-François Lyotard, The Differend
  • [661]20210815-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Loud Ambient
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - A postmodern artist or writer is in the position of a philosopher: the text he writes, the work he produces are not in principle governed by preestablished rules, and they cannot be judged according to a determining judgment, by applying familiar categories to the text or to the work. Those rules and categories are what the work of art itself is looking for. The artist and the writer, then, are working without rules in order to formulate the rules of what will have been done. -Jean-François Lyotard, The Postmodern Condition
  • [660]20210814-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Too Old To Dance
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Ambient Moments and some not Techno. But there is a Dub vibe. Goats or plexiglass? This world is floating in dread.
  • [659]20210813-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Why Take A Chance
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Jubilee is a felchy word. Codepage 16 little endian. Inflammation caused by immune response.
  • [658]20210807-1.1:20:11 115,476K Ill Douche
    Dark Trip
    • Genre - Atmospheric Techno
    • Comments - More Versions of You Don't Know.
  • [657]20210724-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Revenge As Dogma
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - The Bro-Step Jazz beginning is a blind that hides a hard Rave Industrial and meltdown.
  • [656]20210723-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    Deep Beige
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Ov thee hawk and the skull and hard barreling waves. The aesthetic of psychedelic Santa Cruz vs the mainstream expressions of prosperity. Ov talons and feathers. Maximal pseudo-ethnic post-vapor gauze and mud.
  • [655]20210703-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Sound Check
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Could it be boring House? Smooth fat bass Techno? Italian?
  • [654]20210619-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    Continued Fractions
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Cold calculations done as the fog clears. There is a difference between obsession and addiction but there is synergy there. Great horned owls have stolen my wife.
  • [653]20210613-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Neuro-diverse Techno, many sub genres. Today was supposed to be no mask day but the grocery store everyone but the worst person in the store was masked. The worst person was talking crazy shit on they phone in the produce section. I have a feeling the workers still have to mask until OSHA guidelines are clear. I have a feeling we will mask until they stop.
  • [652]20210612-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Survive Vice Live
    • Genre - Black Metal
    • Comments - Unwanted by cult leaders and psychologists. Trying not to cause pain while consciously exploiting everyone and everything. Divesting meaning as a way to starve your world view. Balance simply is maximizing physical and mental activity while contributing nothing but your own self pleasure.
  • [651]20210606-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Fractal Based Resampling
    • Genre - Rando
    • Comments - Haven't made a mix this random in a long time. Eclectic can be interpreted as good time dance music. This is not quite that. Maybe its like a radio show. Maybe its Industrial adjacent. 2 records from this mix just went on sale on my Discogs. Does that encourage you? To listen to my rejects? Why didn't I just abandon this mix?
  • [650]20210605-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Wank in Space
    • Genre - Space Wank
    • Comments - Grounded at the edges but full on long tracks of Space Wank. I guess this genre (or aesthetic even) is somewhere between Ambient, Space Rock, Drone and Berlin School electronics. Imagine synthesizers and spluge floating in the vacuum of space, co-mingling.
  • [649]20210531-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Traveling and looking good in airports. Yoga in far away places. Fun outfits, not too young and not too old. Sweet demeanor.
  • [648]20210530-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Heck Taus
    • Comments - Starts with the Italian Deep Techno vibe but gets more House in the 2nd half. Vibration and upward lift. You can dance to this.
  • [647]20210529-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Somber
    • Comments - Mostly Ambient with a couple songs. Scientific understanding does not affect meaning.
  • [646]20210526-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Soft Trip
    • Comments - Some tracks from a very Zany source. Slithery whispers and darkness.
  • [645]20210522-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    A Green Video
    • Genre - Soft Trip
    • Comments - The lush foliage blurs into repeating curvy lines. A plump faerie descends the staircase with clothes. Momentary acknowledgements of Kali.
  • [644]20210502-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Ambient Dub
    • Comments - Of travels that are vacations with no relaxation just stimulation. Jumping the gun on traveling during pandemic to beat the crowds. Volaris is a real airline.
  • [643]20210501-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    2nd Shot
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - At least 3 fails in this mix. I blame the second shot, of which I partook 48 hours ago.
  • [642]20210425-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Goth
    • Comments - I wasn't intending to make a Goth mix. The first track indicates this was a continuation of the previous mix but Nadja, Laszlo and Nandor requested a change in mood.
  • [641]20210424-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Here's how I am getting ready to be telling you right now that you need to get stoned and put headphones on with one of my mixes, maybe this one, and go for a walk. But, do they?
  • [640]20210418-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Bad Intersection
    • Genre - Black Metal
    • Comments - They deny our ordination, which the apostles received from Christ. They deny the Holy Communion as the true body and blood of Christ. They deny our Baptism as being mere bath water. They consider Sunday as on a level with other days. They refuse genuflection. They deny the veneration of the cross. They ordain each other and thus follow self-conferred priesthood. They do not accept marriage as a sacrament. They reject the mataghas being a Jewish practice. They are sexually promiscuous.
  • [639]20210417-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Shopping With Tony
    • Genre - AmbiGruv
    • Comments - Ambient start but works its way into a groove then gently deconstructs.
  • [638]20210411-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Special for Techno Kingdom video series. If you want some harder beats and a bit more animal on animal violence, this one is for you. There are only coincidences.
  • [637]20210410-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Garner wants his money! This was going to be part of a new redub playlist but the youtube won't give me any, its all locked down tight.
  • [636]20210404-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Time Travel
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - If we assume going back in time is not possible then does being in a state of suspended animation qualify. Is it the best we can hope for?
  • [635]20210403-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Killer Workout
    • Genre - 80s Dance
    • Comments - Inspired by the 1987 movie of the same name.
  • [634]20210321-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    General KoA
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Vibrations of balance; the duality leads to stillness. The vibrations are pleasure and we would like an encore.
  • [633]20210320-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Third Matrix
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Jasun Horsley says the second matrix is conspira-tainment. After getting red pilled you are actually in another matrix of conspiracy theory and at some point you may discover that it is just as mediated as the first. But the first is nicer, less paranoia and more trusting people. So maybe you go back. What is the third matrix?
  • [632]20210314-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    A Yellow Video
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - For a color tone series of videos. Yellow jealous, Classical and Dada.
  • [631]20210313-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    No Parking
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Trust is the lynchpin of sanity.
  • [630]20210306-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Full On Raver
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Some full on bits but indeed this is a lie to say this mix is full on. But it did make me feel like the full on raver inside me is still there.
  • [629]20210228-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - It's good but there is a reason they didn't release it.
  • [628]20210227-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    A Black Video
    • Genre - Industrial
    • Comments - Power Electronics, Noise, classics from the era of Industrial when that mostly just meant super weird. Some modern electronics are in the mix as well. Pure evil and made for the first video in a series of color videos. If you don't like evil don't listen.
  • [627]20210214-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    BlackLight DJ
    • Genre - Neon
    • Comments - An Eclectic mix made while enjoying black light and candles. Pandemic Nights could be the name of the club. Or maybe Variant.
  • [626]20210213-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Placing Bets
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - Not that friendly, mostly Industrial Noise and Rhythms with a few exceptions. We are placing bets all the time. Sometimes the feel good stuff just makes you feel like a waste of space and you need to poke around in the dark tangled mess of those souls who don't really want to become accomplished musicians. Can there be a musically talented avant-garde artist? There are those that get grants to pay for it, but the more pop oriented ones trick and seduce those of us who still play games with the pop mentality, oblique marketing strategies and hooks.
  • [625]20210131-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    No Smart Questions
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - There are no smart questions. This was almost not hard but as it ends in a long Black Metal track we must call a spade a spade. Not a bad way to spend some slowed time. I always have guilt presenting long tracks in entirety but it has to be done occasionally.
  • [624]20210130-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Another Cult
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Another cult, another oil change. We join cults because they offer deprogramming from mainstream reality. But you can also join a cult to deprogram the previous cult programming. Its like taking one drug to get off another.
  • [623]20210124-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Joel Slayton
    • Genre - Jungle
    • Comments - Dedicated to a college professor and artist. Ambient bits in between Jungle and Ravey Breaks. Does breakbeat imply wokeness?
  • [622]20210123-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Advanced Marinauticals
    • Genre - Soft Trip
    • Comments - There is a lot of good weed and a lot of good music, so it can't be all bad. Super Chill.
  • [621]20210117-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Appropriate Cutting
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - What if the rest of the world thinks of America the same as we think of Trump?
  • [620]20210116-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    444 Ever
    • Genre - BDM
    • Comments - Not Brutal Death Metal. This is a new Techno genre combining Maximalist Electro and Atmospheric Techno to create a sci-fi/gamer vibe without getting too Vapory. Did I succeed? Never.
  • [619]20210110-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Big Waves
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Is it easier to follow through on a promise or to flake and admit you are a piece of shit.
  • [618]20210109-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Q Shaman
    • Genre - Bungle
    • Comments - Eclectic Dance and Drone. The missing Cremaster Cycle. I got so excited breaching the Capital that I breached my pants.
  • [617]20210103-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    On Demand
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - So glad multicasting took so long.
  • [616]20210102-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Dinner Plans
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Lets discuss your unlimited potential over dinner.
  • [615]20210101-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    2020 Was Rad
    • Genre - Soft Trip
    • Comments - Boycott is censorship.
  • [614]20201227-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Long Form
    • Genre - Black Metal
    • Comments - The Grateful Dead wrote songs that sounded good live.
  • [613]20201226-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Soft Trip
    • Comments - The copyright makes stealing underground. Hip Hop was first.
  • [612]20201220-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Open Container
    • Genre - Soft Trip
    • Comments - Nice tracks for a drive in the country. Mostly mellow but some wake up slaps. Give me nothing or give me dualism.
  • [611]20201219-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Safari in Liberia
    • Genre - Agro
    • Comments - Metal and Moody bits with a Techno finale. Proposal for TV Show: Old people are getting killed by young people. An old lady becomes aware of the conspiracy reading weird posts on reddit. As the conspiracy gains steam we see both sides, old people trying to wake up other old people and young people recruiting other young people.
  • [610]20201213-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Jumping Jacks
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Get out of the car you naughty children and do some jumping jacks to burn off that fidgety energy. On the side of the road, 100 NOW!
  • [609]20201212-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Tennis with Dennis
    • Genre - Tech House
    • Comments - Industrial Techno at beginning drifts to warmer Tech House. Also, the mixing gets better with the groove. Some records from unknown DJ who recently sold some to local record store. Some of these are still more records ov Tomkat. We don't have to like each other to be stronger together. Like a bundle of sticks if you can dig that.
  • [608]20201206-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Degenerate Signs
    • Genre - College Radio
    • Comments - Putting text on top of an image gives me a hit of control in a futile existence.
  • [607]20201129-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    OK Stoner
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - People with no empathy make better listeners.
  • [606]20201126-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Crossing the Abyss
    • Genre - Bambient
    • Comments - Fascist sentiment: we don't have to like each other to be stronger together.
  • [605]20201122-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Records ov Tomkat v5
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Smooth but won't put you to sleep. Touches of Tribal. Let me set you straight.
  • [604]20201120-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Led Into the Noize
    • Genre - Black Metal
    • Comments - Do plants appreciate appropriate cutting?
  • [603]20201114-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Travel Advisory
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Going to Texas and promise to eat some BBQ if I get the chance.
  • [602]20201101-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Armenian Dead
    • Genre - Somber
    • Comments - Dirge Techno and Doom. Why do the paranoid want to catch COVID 19? Shouldn't they be afraid of a potentially lab made bioweapon? Politics is everywhere.
  • [601]20201030-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Skull Meat 2
    • Genre - Creepy
    • Comments - Halloween 2020 Mix Part 2 - Some standards but all Creepy moody.
  • [600]20201029-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Skull Meat 1
    • Genre - Creepy
    • Comments - Halloween 2020 Mix Part 1 - Some standards but all Creepy moody.
  • [599]20201026-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Humans live encased in layer upon layer of human made, arranged and designed environment. Humans eat a wide range of things. Human bodies experience a wide variety of difference. At the core is the human the same as any other?
  • [598]20201024-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Alpha Channel
    • Genre - Deep
    • Comments - Deep Techno and a touch of Deep House. But I am on the verge of abandoning that old school handbag stuff.
  • [597]20201018-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Extremely Nice
    • Genre - Bore Core
    • Comments - There is a Little John event at the lighthouse near Steamer Lane but I think someone has to throw down here on the East Side. DJ for no one but passing strangers. Not this mix. This mix to me is kind of Emo, but there is no element of Emo that I can put my finger on. Maybe Emo to me is a certain kind of Black Metal and the Blues.
  • [596]20201011-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - A Plane is a period of evolutionary consistency between periods of fits and bounds. A Current is a pattern of movement within a Plane. This Mix traverses multiple Panes and disturbs Currents.
  • [595]20201004-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Bleeding Stroke
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - The mellow side of hard.
  • [594]20200927-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Only Lies
    • Genre - Eclectro
    • Comments - Electronic beats and somber attitude, no mixing, no pitching.
  • [593]20200926-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Quest for Fruit
    • Genre - Eclectro
    • Comments - Electro and Guitar Rock. Is that ok?
  • [592]20200920-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - The wood smells like nuts when you cut it. Oil it with half tung oil half citrus solvent. Argue pistachio vs walnut in baklava.
  • [591]20200919-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Narrative Implies Hierarchy
    • Genre - Shroudcore
    • Comments - Hierarchy is implicit in narrative. But this is relative to space and time. Every moment and every place potentially rearranges the hierarchy and changes the meaning of the narrative. Fascism is a program obsessed with preserving hierarchy and creating enduring narrative. This mix is not that harsh or gloomy, take a peak under the shroud.
  • [590]20200906-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Let Me Live
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - A long night at a Georgian nightclub and too much coke. I reach for my Polish lady friend to support me as I clutch my chest and try to reach my car. Some dark figures are waiting for me there, probably thugs from the oligarch I recently betrayed.
  • [589]20200823-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Scared of the Infinite II
    • Genre - Soft Trip
    • Comments - Old karma hits human with some bad stuff, but human adapts, overcompensates and causes more karma. Eventually the universe karma bank goes bankrupt and human has made many bad choices and has gotten away with them with less punishment than deserved. The innocent never get full justice.
  • [588]20200822-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Scared of the Infinite I
    • Genre - Soft Trip
    • Comments - Karma chases human adaptation around the block and over a fence but human adaptation gets away.
  • [587]20200817-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - Seville oranges - we just thought something had gone wrong with the tree. But they make great lime-aid, adult beverages and are nice to squeeze on tacos or fish.
  • [586]20200813-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Eight Thirteen
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - In these times, where more intensely than ever, we cancel artists with dubious intellectual interests, is going to that edge now more edgy? Or does it depend on the relative contextualization of the now as seen by the future? Who fucking cares - lets revel in some post Blood and Soil revelry.
  • [585]20200808-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Hard Tripping
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - Pinnacle Eclectic achievement. My mixing isn't that strong lately and usually I have never heard any of the songs I mix ahead of time. But listened in advance to some of these while Krispy so I can guarantee some hard tripping and the mixing isn't so bad.
  • [584]20200726-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Does Not Work
    • Genre - Dub Hop
    • Comments - Warning: Some bad hung under mixing. Atman Soul ascends. Animal Soul is the junction between Mind and Body. Animal Soul is working when Mind and Body are in Harmony. Body is organic, analog, vibration seeking. Mind is cybernetic, digitally modellable, recursive and speculative. Mind disconnected from body leads to insanity because the closed system cannot be checked, harmonized.
  • [583]20200725-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Dense Fog
    • Genre - Chill
    • Comments - If it is present, Atman extracts essence of Animal Soul and ascends unless the balance is so perfect between body and mind that annihilation or disintegration occurs because the gravity and vibration of the Animal Soul is inescapable even though the destiny of Atman was present. This is like a pig being pulled apart by winches with cables tied to each end of the pig. Entropy occurs. If only one succeeds it guarantees that there will be an end eventually.
  • [582]20200718-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Industrial Rainforest
    • Genre - Shroom House
    • Comments - Bubbly Snuggly and Meaty Beaty.
  • [581]20200701-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Mike B Gave Me VD II
    • Genre - Balearic
    • Comments - Some of these records were the first new records purchased, four months after Coronavirus hit. I got the Covid while dancing in SF at 1015 Folsom. Covid killed dancing. Redoing my floors made me pack my records. All I had was new arrivals, and some box sets at my disposal. This shipment injected a needed laid back sound to go with summer days and gardening.
  • [580]20200530-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Glendale BBQ
    • Genre - Armodelic
    • Comments - Armenian players are everywhere, even on records labeled Ethnic Turkish Songs.
  • [579]20200525-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Boxes of Lilith Mirrors
    • Genre - Hard Trip
    • Comments - And shall-meet wildcats with jackals the goat he-calls his-fellow Lilith she-rests and she-finds rest there she-shall-nest the great-owl, and she-lays, and she-hatches, and she-gathers under her-shadow: hawks [kites, gledes] also they-gather, every one with its mate.
  • [578]20200524-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Boxes of Puritans
    • Genre - White
    • Comments - Power Electronics and Opera (melodramma serio)
  • [577]20200517-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Boxes of Sexy Voices
    • Genre - Experimental
    • Comments - Could have been creepy voices or sexy voices, either way its edgy and seductive. Industrial is like Punk in the sense that as a genre it initially had a wider scope before the meatheads stepped in and machoed it up.
  • [576]20200516-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Boxes of Spanish and Slavic Folk Songs
    • Genre - Rhythmic Noise
    • Comments - Suspicion turned to rage when the former UC Global partner recognized the full extent of Morales’ subterfuge. “I started [lashing out] at him openly in violent discussions in which I reiterated to him that a company like ours is based on ‘creating trust’ and that he can’t ‘give out information to the opposing side,’” the ex-associate recalled. At the end of several such arguments, he said Morales tore open his shirt, puffed out his chest and exclaimed, “I am a wholehearted mercenary!”
  • [575]20200510-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Boxes of Rapunzel Bukkake
    • Genre - Disease
    • Comments - Rename the real admin account to something else such as "security". Create a new user with access to everything except the logs and name this account "administrator".
  • [574]20200502-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Boxes of Russian Evidence
    • Genre - Noise
    • Comments - This is really pretty gentle Noise, alternating between colder repetitive loops and warmer noodling's. Needs a better genre.
  • [573]20200426-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Boxes of Golden Peni
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Post Industrial Pop Dance and sophisticated smooth Techno to take the edge off. Nobody would actually dance to this and by the end you may want to lay down.
  • [572]20200425-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Boxes of Harmerzia
    • Genre - Hippy Noise
    • Comments - Contrast akin in spirit but not result. Too aggressive to be Ambient. But if you are like me the resistance to noise was subdued long ago and it will just pour through you, exciting neurons and lighting up the edges of your brain in a pleasant way. German hippy synth jam interludes.
  • [571]20200419-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Boxes of Dark Money
    • Genre - Black Country
    • Comments - Black Metal and Old Country. This is legit shit for anyone with no trunk to funk.
  • [570]20200412-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Boxes Clock Dubs
    • Genre - Dub
    • Comments - First in series of mixes from box sets. This is all from the same label, mostly the same producer, mostly from the 1970s. Records are from several Box Sets that focus on early raw Dub tracks. Tracks from some records not from the boxes which I put in the boxes from the same label and producer are also included, so there is no purity in this concept of Box Sets because of the inclusion of related records put in the boxes.
  • [569]20200410-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - CLINICAL OUTCOMES of Techno, House and Breaks: None of the 1099 patients were lost to follow-up during the study. A primary composite end-point event occurred in 67 patients (6.1%), including 5.0% who were admitted to the ICU, 2.3% who underwent invasive mechanical ventilation, and 1.4% who died (Table 3). Among the 173 patients with severe disease, a primary composite end-point event occurred in 43 patients (24.9%). Among all the patients, the cumulative risk of the composite end point was 3.6%; among those with severe disease, the cumulative risk was 20.6%.
  • [568]20200406-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Low Fever
    • Genre - Chill
    • Comments - But a little ill.
  • [567]20200404-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Under Reported
    • Genre - Indie Rock
    • Comments - The amount you believe we are under reporting COVID-19 cases is the amount of Indie Rock in this mix. This mix has an incomprehensible trajectory, but I believe it has a consistency comparable to the reporting.
  • [566]20200401-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    COVID 666
    • Genre - Noise
    • Comments - This will cause tightening of chest. Black pill: we are fake news. Given the same information we will understand it differently, applying our internal bullshit which overrides most meaning. Then we pretend we know something. The internet makes it worse because we get more information with less actual experience. Our internal bullshit is made of ghost impressions from the media we entertain ourselves with. It is based on warped simulation. Fake news works on us but that just exaggerates the problem because we are already an information processing disaster. I can imagine people that purposely produce fake news believe they are doing a public service by exposing this nightmare.
  • [565]20200211-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    The Big Tease
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - As fun and friendly as Dub Techno gets.
  • [564]20200125-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Industrial
    • Comments - Noise and Dirge and some contemporary beats. Pandemic awareness just beginning in America. Random flu cases that are not the flu.
  • [563]20200125-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Electro
    • Comments - On the Industrial tip of Electro. You are supposed to enjoy swine with a Corona.
  • [562]20191230-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Theraputic Journey
    • Genre - Couch Lock
    • Comments - No matter how blissed out you get me if there is no edge I cannot trust.
  • [561]20191221-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Oral Dab
    • Genre - Bro Gaze
    • Comments - Doesn't eye gazing with your bro sound fun? Swirl it around, unstick it from your palate with your tongue.
  • [560]20191219-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - All over the place. Kind of loungy.
  • [559]20191205-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Spaz Out
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - I grabbed a bunch of my older Techno records that aren't in my trendy currently go to sections of my collection. It sounds a bit old school and ravey and energetic and sometimes intelligent in the IDM sense. I think the best part is after having your mind so busy with this Acid Bleep at the end it slides into luxurious House. I like genre contrasts and sometimes I go to far, but sometimes it tells the story if patient and we earn it.
  • [558]20191201-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Snap Out Of It
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Minimal became the answer to the over sweetness of Psychedelic Dub. Minimal made sense in this context.
  • [557]20191128-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Dub Turkey
    • Genre - Dub Noise
    • Comments - Rub the chemicals under the skin, acid makes the soft cuticle. Oil and rub, oil and rub, oil and rub.
  • [556]20191123-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Not Final
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Delicious, uplifting but not flaccid, simpering simmering shimmering Techno; but is not the final word.
  • [555]20191122-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Anti War
    • Genre - Lambient
    • Comments - The struggles to avoid group-think in an unavoidable social dependency. Fringe culture gets harder, the ante is upped. Weird, low energy and nearly Funky. The slaughter brought to you by the sheep.
  • [554]20191122-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Head Visor
    • Genre - Techno AND House
    • Comments - Its like a headband with a piece of plastic attached to the bottom.
  • [553]20191116-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Broken Lock
    • Genre - EuroBeat
    • Comments - Flirting with Big Beat and Electro working our way to Italo Dance. This mix celebrates what is wrong with something we can't define.
  • [552]20191108-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Cult Activity
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Black Metal, Jazz and the cracks in your sofa.
  • [551]20191016-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dark Eclectic
    • Comments - Practice for a bar on a weekend before Halloween. Thought dark would be tolerated and it was! But the next weekend, in the evening, similar efforts did not go so well.
  • [550]20191015-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Nazi Hunter
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Still pulling gems out of the bunkers of Europe. Fascism = Human Hierarchy + Glorification of Violence. Nazi = Fascism + Aryan Myth. Is it that simple?
  • [549]20191014-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Gives It Away
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Not pure Dub Techno but mostly. Perfect for someone who would get bored by perfect.
  • [548]20190922-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Sharp Mind Warm Heart
    • Genre - Ambient Dub
    • Comments - Crackly rain dance Dub summoning the waters.
  • [547]20190921-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Not Nice
    • Genre - Heavy
    • Comments - Hard and Heavy with subtle supple astral intent.
  • [546]20190909-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Dada is Back
    • Genre - Weird
    • Comments - Eclectic and strange but satisfying.
  • [545]20190903-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Outer Space
    • Comments - Build the ship and celebrate the trajectory of Techno Trance going nowhere.
  • [544]20190901-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Extra House
    • Genre - Inner Space
    • Comments - Moody vibey humming headphone dirge. Everything is between points.
  • [543]20190901-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Ogre Life
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Pretty Funky though. Lifestyle of the Ogre, the straight Bear.
  • [542]20190827-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Double Nihil
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Active nihilism, passive nihilism and ego reification.
  • [541]20190824-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Feeling confident but not challenging your edges, the bourgeois nihilist is secure with the temporary limited security and well being that having your shit together affords in this late capitalist machine driven simulation of life on earth.
  • [540]20190814-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Classy
    • Comments - Adultish but edgy, classy yet trailer park positive.
  • [539]20190807-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Reactionary
    • Comments - The blood on her dress, the unflattering hoodie and the moose.
  • [538]20190807-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Unplanned Birth
    • Genre - Quirky
    • Comments - Overdressed for the BBQ. Fake butt landfill. Baby spice.
  • [537]20190807-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    Walks Fast
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Group feedback fuzz test descend to dwarven stature.
  • [536]20190806-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Christian Rock
    • Comments - Confrontation with violent insurgency. It takes strong legs and unblinking stare. But Guru brings you down. The final test sets you free and you are back where you start.
  • [535]20190801-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    The Benz
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Driving a German automobile while ascending from the ocean floor too quickly.
  • [534]20190725-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Grip of Sad
    • Genre - Dirge
    • Comments - Working our ways to the Black Gaze.
  • [533]20190724-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Group Mind
    • Genre - Apartment
    • Comments - Because its not quite a house Mix. But it is smooth and a bit experimental.
  • [532]20190721-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Cat Pee
    • Genre - Manic
    • Comments - Starts out medicated but slides into fast Dub Techno, Trance and Jungle then chills out again. A tempo disoriented fiasco.
  • [531]20190720-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Brown Metal
    • Genre - Fetid
    • Comments - Gazey Metal and pompous ritual experiments.
  • [530]20190712-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Stoning Blake
    • Genre - Dub
    • Comments - If we are in some kind of Neo-Enlightenment then the reaction of Neo-Romantic seems appropriate. Boomer hate and the rejecting of the Dionysian premise of the rebellion of a generation opens up a new batch of recently discredited lore - good beach reading.
  • [529]20190628-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Dark Empty
    • Genre - Ambient Dub
    • Comments - We could also say Ambient Techno or Experimental. If we rented the hall for Veterans of Foreign Wars and made an Ambient Techno party, would that work? Can I vote for a possible Hindu Fascist? I want to based on her anti-war rhetoric. Does America dropping out mean the spread of third position fascism?
  • [528]20190623-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Could Happen
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - One bad mix is easily compensated for here in this full bodied banger that cuddles you after an exhausting workout.
  • [527]20190618-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Shitty Horse
    • Genre - Shitty
    • Comments - This is a story about a big shitty horse with skin burnt and flayed angry as fuck flying through the sky to come kick you in the head. Afro-Noise, Metal and New Wave.
  • [526]20190609-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Super Kreeps
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Punky to be sure, but Rocking for real.
  • [525]20190608-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Undo Praise
    • Genre - Grouchy
    • Comments - Almost sedate, sometimes grand, very eclectic.
  • [524]20190602-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    Killing For Fun
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Dubby, Trancy and Acidic with little pieces of aloe floating in it.
  • [523]20190530-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Bad Human
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Sublime moving deep dub techno.
  • [522]20190527-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Nonsensical super dense sub-cultural slang.
  • [521]20190526-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Warm Floors
    • Genre - Doomish
    • Comments - Metal, Doom and other schtuff. The empty piece of land, owned, nobody nearby. Maybe the geography hides the others, unlike space where you could have a more definitive isolation. All you need is a civilization with that goal at the apex and a bit of luck that it lives long enough to get you out there. That dream was someone else's, you just paid the ticket price.
  • [520]20190522-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Downtempo
    • Comments - Slow, hard and warm. A well managed mess.
  • [519]20190520-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Abstract flower pattern. Progressive hypocrite. Advertising? Can I tell you why the fence is the way it is? Good for you. Others will make the same mistake.
  • [518]20190520-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Gummy Bear
    • Genre - Pyche
    • Comments - Somebody's idea of a trippy mix.
  • [517]20190517-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Dirty High
    • Genre - DubClub
    • Comments - Sparkly effervescence rolled in a swisher sweet. A beginning middle and end like a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream sandwich. Dub-Lounge-Vapor-Step.
  • [516]20190515-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    A Game
    • Genre - Slimebient
    • Comments - Slithering Cinematics and Industrials and Experimentals ooze and click up your tree of life.
  • [515]20190514-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Dying Wish
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Sometimes banging and youthful, spanning several Techno sub genres. We have original thoughts but if we don't research them and talk to friends when you want to pull out your new fancy idea in an unsafe space you may not realize this idea is already characterized, refuted and shamed in the hyper drift of cyber semiotics.
  • [514]20190505-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Kind Regards
    • Genre - Ambustrial
    • Comments - Dark down tempo non tempo Ambient Industrial with nice tits.
  • [513]20190504-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    French Autist
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Hypothetical micro disco set. Already tossed some of this out of the crate and replaced with others. Sometimes inspiration when the tracks are new make up for the not so solid nature of the new.
  • [512]20190421-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Records ov Tomkat v4
    • Genre - Downtempo
    • Comments - Down up and non. Fun and sinister. Holding identity like cars without registration.
  • [511]20190420-1.1:19:57 115,146K Disco Boy
    Bummer Dude
    • Genre - Manic
    • Comments - Old school sounds and the mania drains itself into nu something.
  • [510]20190327-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Burning Rubber
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Fine flowers bloom across the soaked desert. The drive from Taft to Pismo. Lake Isabella.
  • [509]20190316-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Moon Sisters
    • Genre - Agro
    • Comments - Transitional Punk Industrial, late Black Metal and punishing vapidity. From the point of view of a jailed woman.
  • [508]20190309-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Byzantium Falls: if only there were a good size space with a great sound system that did all kinds of Dub in Santa Cruz. Shouldn't there be?
  • [507]20190309-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Gave Me Pause
    • Genre - Imperialistic
    • Comments - If Pharaoh was Black and Jesus was Black, who was blacker? Central myth of freedom. Let my people go shopping.
  • [506]20190301-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Astral Rain
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - African Slave Trade Grows: hiding desire under rubbish, mimetic tendency, calling mommy issues daddy issues.
  • [505]20190222-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Electro
    • Comments - Cathedrals and Hovels: thinking about Spring Breaks, 7-11 culture, red bearded droogs and sensitive boys.
  • [504]20190221-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Lost Your Mind
    • Genre - Challenging
    • Comments - Late African and Post Norte Chico South American Civilizations Fall: god as mania, mental disorder and blank slate, vibrations and light.
  • [503]20190221-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Shroom Doom
    • Genre - Negative
    • Comments - Latin Civilization Expands: foamy justice at the edge of the treatment plant. The roads crowd and the ducks of privilege live amongst the poppies.
  • [502]20190219-1.1:19:57 115,152K Disco Boy
    Baby Skunk
    • Genre - Moody
    • Comments - Dutch Protestant and the Rising Sun: new duty, chunks of pavement disappear and are replaced.
  • [501]20190120-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Where Did Every Body Go
    • Genre - Grim
    • Comments - Cinematics, Noise and despicable mashups which could be described as adding texture to tracks we have overplayed.
  • [500]20190112-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Violent Ending
    • Genre - Grim
    • Comments - Dark Ambient, lush Cinematics, with Black Metal flourishes.
  • [499]20181228-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Dub Shart
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - While making this tight Dub Techno mix near the end DJ Disco Boy sharted, ran to the bathroom, took care of business and finished the mix with no pants. Most of these records came from one shipment from Vinyl In Me. A lot are artists that not as hyped as some of the Berlin kingpins were. But if you like Dub Techno like I do, you will try them all.
  • [498]20181228-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Duck Shawarma
    • Genre - Techno Trance
    • Comments - On the Trancey side of Techno, almost Ill Douche but ending will annoy purists which is so Disco Boy.
  • [497]20181215-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Barely Balearic
    • Genre - Smooth
    • Comments - Thinking about the Live Oak Holiday Jam. Sifting through complicated beats but keeping it mellow and smooth.
  • [496]20181210-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Florid Dreams
    • Genre - Not Good
    • Comments - Fun but sometimes a bit commercial and trashy dance music and a couple shitty mixes. Some times this mix sounds good so I couldn't just delete it.
  • [495]20181208-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Euro Trance With A Grey Vibe
    • Genre - Euro Trance
    • Comments - Does Italo Dance, Euro Trance, Hard Trance and Space Rock belong in the same mix? Probably if you were dealing with the less over the top variants it could be pulled off and especially if it were 1993. Transsexual Alien Jizz Harvest would be the name of the party.
  • [494]20181201-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Frunk
    • Comments - Can we be coy and say this is the sound of the street and no genre applies? Inspired by new Lisbon dance music and Latin Freestyle but its more than that.
  • [493]20181127-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Hot Energy
    • Genre - Italodance
    • Comments - Italodance hot energy pump, fluffed up with a bit of Hi-NRG. The uniformity of hot chicks on the covers of all these records binds them together, but the Italian men who made them - did they understand the market?
  • [492]20181125-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    High Art 1
    • Genre - Dub
    • Comments - Vibrations of electro-static and wood construction.
  • [491]20181125-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    High Art 2
    • Genre - Doom
    • Comments - Vibrations of stone and bound feather.
  • [490]20181118-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Even Life Is Worth
    • Genre - Dub
    • Comments - Vibrations of leather and cracked glass.
  • [489]20181117-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    A Fraction Of Its Value
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Vibrations of sea shell and rippling oil.
  • [488]20181113-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Grubby
    • Comments - Dub folds into obscure Garage Rock to Electro and Ambi-Dub
  • [487]20181110-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Records ov Tomkat v3
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Yellow pus drainage 880 corridor sentiment peninsula antagonisms.
  • [486]20181020-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    Fashy Dub
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - The Slovakian connection grows deeper with the Italian influence. Dark Vibrations.
  • [485]20181018-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Dub Trauma
    • Genre - Tribal Ambi-Dub
    • Comments - (Noise + Dub) x Tribal = Tribal Ambi-Dub
  • [484]20181004-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Gross
    • Comments - Negligence. Apologies for the pitch. Arrogance, read by machine voice, trippy?
  • [483]20180922-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Loves Dick
    • Genre - Glum Glee
    • Comments - Ambi-Disco Stoner Eclecticism for the electro-chemical ion exchange.
  • [482]20180918-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Grim
    • Comments - Degenerate Dub and Dubby Shitwave. Wetware has limited support for advanced processes. Must consult the lizard brain.
  • [481]20180817-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Disco-Trance
    • Comments - If you activate all the THC then you have a high THC to everything else ratio. If you activate very little THC then you can increase your dosage of a broad spectrum of Cannabis chemistry and fibrous material and the balanced profile will yield more bodily pleasure and less agitated mind. Ultimately intention matters as well. Take responsibility for Couch Lock.
  • [480]20180812-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Super Creepy
    • Genre - Dub EBM
    • Comments - Soul as indicative of destiny. A delusional condition as real as anything. Authentic self is NOT the soul. Soul is the alien communication/planning apparatus that escapes nature.
  • [479]20180714-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Mostly 90s retro.
  • [478]20180712-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Sad
    • Comments - Ambient Darkwave Noise Lounge
  • [477]20180616-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Disco
    • Comments - Disco Funk Balearic EBM Soft Rock
  • [476]20180527-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Weakest Weakness
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Super mellow deepening side brain engagement with tribal fornication.
  • [475]20180526-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Dub Portal
    • Genre - Death Dub
    • Comments - Surreal Death Dub grinding folds of flower. Felt Mask.
  • [474]20180522-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    East Side Dark Side
    • Genre - Darkside
    • Comments - Heartbeat at comatose, factory noises hum and screech.
  • [473]20180415-1.1:16:25 110,059K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Deep
    • Comments - Smooth Dream House Electro long pauses between words producing a knowing in your weakest weakness.
  • [472]20180414-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - RnD
    • Comments - Post-punk hypnogogic socialist Psyche.
  • [471]20180402-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Doom
    • Comments - A creative deviation from a solemn virtuous path.
  • [470]20180328-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    High Heels
    • Genre - Disco
    • Comments - Multiple cowboy themed Disco songs means its ladies night in this Montreal discotheque.
  • [469]20180327-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Cyberwave
    • Comments - Encouraging EBM and edifying Electro. Distant Drum and Bass. Slithering negative upending and befouling experiments.
  • [468]20180323-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    • Genre - Industrial Techno
    • Comments - Industrial Techno can be sophisticated and fun.
  • [467]20180318-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Industrial Techno
    • Comments - Stoner Rock bookends some strangely mixed not just bang bang bang but also click click click Techno which be exhilarating. Kick and hi-hat with synth hum energy. Its like doing yoga before and after target practice.
  • [466]20180303-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    Man Up
    • Genre - Techno Trance
    • Comments - Hot days in Ukraine burn the face. Cold damp in the bunker make the hairless arms transparent.
  • [465]20180211-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    Holy Man
    • Genre - Trance
    • Comments - Lots of oldies so I am hesitant to call it Ill Douche but it is a practice for Carport Trance party.
  • [464]20180210-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    Synthetic Spring
    • Genre - Trance
    • Comments - When does Euphoric and Ego stroking become Cocaine Trance? Somewhere we have to draw the line between Psychedelic music and Amphetamine music. I am too sober to make that call.
  • [463]20180120-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Industrial House
    • Comments - Techno House hybrid with smatterings of Experimental Electronic and a dash of Industrial. Part records ov Tomkat part Boomkat. Joe Frank died this week. He was a huge influence.
  • [462]20180112-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Mole Hole
    • Genre - Electronic
    • Comments - Electric darkness and seduction. Noumenon as grey ripple in stoke land.
  • [461]20171226-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    • Genre - Trance
    • Comments - Synthetic spring dimension manifest 60310. Carport Trance, Jim Lahey meets Goa Gil. There is a remarkable record store in Kitse but across the border there are quite a few record stores. All hail Vinyl In Me.
  • [460]20171224-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Henry Zabrowski
    • Genre - Electric
    • Comments - The beautiful mind born out of the horror of Florida. Hail Satan.
  • [459]20171212-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Climate Intervention
    • Genre - Hyper Pwnd
    • Comments - Manic fun hyper Techno and Jungle and other insistent head trips. Premonition of Tesla technology lifting the Ionosphere so Greenhouse Gas escapes. That is a civilized fart. What could go wrong?
  • [458]20171119-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Little Things
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - What a dusty mess! Choking on dog hair, it spirals out of control. Does this insanity justify the sloppy first mix? No.
  • [457]20171118-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Zombient
    • Comments - Quietly and soothingly dissolving the astral shell drifting in the stratosphere. Hippy primitive in the matrix. Urban vs Rural metaphor.
  • [456]20171116-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    Two Orders
    • Genre - Techno Trance
    • Comments - Vibing extra dimensional synthetic space El Capitan's synchronic membrane lights a version of the trans-galactic future.
  • [455]20171105-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Rat Pee
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Fluids draining from a body. The subject is restrained and drifts in and out of consciousness. A small battle between new Techno and old House, Techno is the victor, with a loosening of the restraints, the fruiting body explodes.
  • [454]20171029-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Downtempo
    • Comments - Ambient Dub Sludge and Neu Harem Disco
  • [453]20171028-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Shallow Techno
    • Comments - Lots of Dub moments in this Techno dance mix.
  • [452]20171020-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Throbbing Techno Trance, drifting Dream House, oscillating Ambience, haunting tropical hypnotism, arpeggio, pink sunsets and linen suits.
  • [451]20171018-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Assisted Living
    • Genre - Vapor Dub
    • Comments - Fluttering consciousness and hideous neck pains as waves of pain relief chill out and wind up this vapory tech drama.
  • [450]20171001-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    • Genre - Telektro
    • Comments - You will get friction blisters dancing in your latex gimp suit to this repetitive Techno Electro EBM grinder.
  • [449]20170901-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Lean Into It
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Mental, pounding, bug itch, chemical poisoning, aches and tension with a sophisticated smooth finish.
  • [448]20170815-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    • Genre - Darkscape
    • Comments - Soothing Power Electronics and clicking beetles.
  • [447]20170810-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    Mae Brussell
    • Genre - Trance
    • Comments - Techno Trance and explorations of the negative plane.
  • [446]20170805-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Industrial Dub
    • Comments - Sort OF Dubby EBM with actual Dub. Too creepy to be mellow.
  • [445]20170726-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Psychedelic Dub
    • Comments - Dub, Electronic and Psych Prog soundtrack for a failing BBQ joint.
  • [444]20170720-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Time Will Tell
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Dreamy and lush fairy holocaust.
  • [443]20170715-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    Trance Pants
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Moving towards Trance? Is Full On a turn off? We are not there yet but you can smell the dysentery. Martial Breaks (not sexy euro) Acid Techno, EBM and then what is it?
  • [442]20170702-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Doom Metal
    • Comments - Screeching guitars, mostly super heavy and slow.
  • [441]20170701-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Gore Core
    • Genre - Gore Core
    • Comments - Hardcode Techno and Death/Grid Core
  • [440]20170624-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    • Genre - Industrial Noise
    • Comments - Abrasive texture can stimulate the nervous system.
  • [439]20170602-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Records ov Tomkat V2
    • Genre - House
    • Comments - Well, we are gonna call it House because there certainly is some. A few of these records are an odd Tribal Ghetto House that Tomkat nor I know what to do with. Weird tempos.
  • [438]20170526-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Swamp life defined by undefined hard to manage borders. Donated food raccoon treasure. Prison and then back to moms. LA North as the tax collectors get more insistent. Rocking and creepy.
  • [437]20170520-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    • Genre - Dark Techno
    • Comments - Relaxing, pensive, twinkling and heavy all at once.
  • [436]20170513-1.1:19:57 115,147K Ill Douche
    • Genre - Industrial Techno
    • Comments - Dark Industrial Techno with a Black Metal interlude. Brooding. Assail the spirit of fire.
  • [435]20170504-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Techno to Boogie and back. Bevvers inspired. The right rails for 50 years about the moral relativism of the left. Now the left defends unassailable truth. Fuck Off!
  • [434]20170501-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Psychedelic Tribal Lounge
  • [433]20170415-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    • Genre - Industrial Techno
    • Comments - Gives a working stiff a relaxing sense of a life near completion. Struggle for reduced creativity. Holding back, private editions. Art for friends and acquaintances.
  • [432]20170413-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Meat and Men
    • Genre - Downtempo
    • Comments - For to let a squirrel eat its fill without competition, bad competition it may be, is to fully utilize all the powers evolution has granted. To spare it and you the savagery of ringlets of mesh and barbs to protect a fruit you will probably let fall to the ground anyway, is a fair trade for its plump life coming to a quick end. It robbed you of your nuts and seeds but as it ate only good things, surely it must taste good? One of these records a DJ left sitting discarded and rejected. It was in bad shape as well requiring extra weight on the head.
  • [431]20170407-1.1:19:57 115,148K Ill Douche
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Defender of truth, battered in the digital age of replication and ripping, no longer getting even the payoffs for being a CIA asset, now does it for free. Desperate for original content, the unnamed source, the same handler now using a new funny voice, gives his whore the dope.
  • [430]20170315-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - SlimeWave
    • Comments - Too greasy to be called ShitWave. Slippery and hissing like a viper. Nihilistic Ambient. Find your next date on the street.
  • [429]20170305-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    The Machine
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Classic Techno and new Techno. The System and the Machine are becoming indistinguishable.
  • [428]20170213-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Euphoric Nostalgia
    • Genre - Aquatic Jungle
    • Comments - Vaporwave inspired New Age Jungle dripping with jazz juice.
  • [427]20170205-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Taco Bell
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - House and Techno full tilt boogie throbbing pump and then some wobbly clicky shuffle Trance farts it up. Ask the Taco Bell cashier on a date.
  • [426]20170202-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Electro Psyche
    • Comments - Trippy, Dark, Noisy and a little Funky. Relaxing in a hideous sort of way.
  • [425]20170124-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    The Roof Is Leaky
    • Genre - Vaporworld
    • Comments - Uncomfortably Colonial Disco Prog wanking and Waveage Mutilations.
  • [424]20170122-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Jump Off
    • Genre - Electro Dub
    • Comments - Starts Jazzy with a crooner boner but there is lot of pumping padded Techno luxury.
  • [423]20170118-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Roach Crispy Treats
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Disco Funk Pub Rock
  • [422]20170117-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Long Songs
    • Genre - Prog
    • Comments - Did you ever get sick of these mixes where the DJ keeps putting on new songs every five minutes? There are not many songs on this mix. Sit back and let the lazy DJ give you an unrelated cluster of lengthy Experimental, Folk and Doom that all somehow becomes Prog.
  • [421]20170109-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Breeder RV
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Some Rock, Folk, Country song oriented themes of gay cowboys and food.
  • [420]20161228-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Love an Object
    • Genre - Death Lounge
    • Comments - Sadness and Rhythm. The grand gesture is recuperated. The soul people are fighting with angels about the nature of nature. The BBQ is lit.
  • [419]20161224-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Shaved Head
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - With Industrial flair and a Borg crush, chrome spinal column descending.
  • [418]20161211-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Alt Industrial trippy noisy.
  • [417]20161211-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Muscular, Male, Cock-Rock.
  • [416]20161211-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    High End
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Misleading serious and fluffy contradictions yield to trancy groovy energetic dance music.
  • [415]20161205-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Bad Trip
    • Comments - Clouded struggle for forms or clear ideas to emerge with points to make them accessible in the mist. Delusions of Lagos bound vacation. You have been in the hospital the whole time. A little Bad-Trippy, Surreal, Sad, Not-Dance.
  • [414]20161201-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Blues
    • Comments - Talking to you about you is not music, but it is compelling.
  • [413]20161130-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Donkey Dicks
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Standard and strange. Every once in a while a thrust of limited trust. Till rupture = rapture by way of crypto-Vaporwave euphoric punishments.
  • [412]20161125-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Techno Bonfire
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Morbid dark brooding electronics, throbbing atmospheric Techno and moody IDM.
  • [411]20161123-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Ill Douche
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Retro-futuristic, brutal renegade and banging.
  • [410]20161120-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Tribal Techno Trance and fruity Tech-House, Post-Disco experiments and Electro nostalgia.
  • [409]20161112-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Dental Work
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Grating swirling epic walk to the grass station to buy a pack of grim. Climb in the back of a hate car jostling and uncomfortable. A bunch of bad men climb in with you making it hard to endure the unforgiving Metal rails and screeching stops. At once the door opens to a mini-golf course. Blues, Metal and more.
  • [408]20161101-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Tuesday Blues
    • Genre - Blues
    • Comments - Da Blues. Delta, Downtempo Sad ness and a bit of Techno, then back to porch sitting sorrow. And Not-Dance.
  • [407]20161029-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Dub Reggae and Bleepy Creepy and a lot of Black love and Dubstep.
  • [406]20161021-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Hopeful Nihilist
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Bluesy funky start that lands in solid Techno stride.
  • [405]20161001-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Passing Gas
    • Genre - Dance Pop
    • Comments - Industrial Dance Pop, painful New Wave, shameful Shitwave.
  • [404]20160924-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Disco
    • Comments - Yaughty Disco and odd moments.
  • [403]20160918-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Stand Up
    • Genre - Dub-Club
    • Comments - Dubwise ethno slander and sad women before bursting into a feverish boogie of club music.
  • [402]20160916-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Wet and Dry
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Pop sensation movie night break dancing Rave House and a touch of serious Techno.
  • [401]20160915-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Not For Love
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Starts limp but gets rockin hard.
  • [400]20160910-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Ambient Guitar
    • Genre - Downtempo
    • Comments - Bad Trip Balearic gets heavier and darker until it is fuckin Metal.
  • [399]20160909-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Daddy No
    • Genre - Drone
    • Comments - Sorrow and Drone - sounds like a lie.
  • [398]20160904-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Electro
    • Comments - Creepy Electro and dramatic Dirge.
  • [397]20160902-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Jesus Fish
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Techno and Dub schtuff, breaks down into Noise and Metal, then back to Techno.
  • [396]20160820-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Sort of Smooth
    • Genre - Lounge
    • Comments - Pretending to be a nice guy Bobby holds the door open as he adjusts his cock. They walk straight through the club and into a car waiting in the back as the narcotic takes effect.
  • [395]20160819-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Vaporwave
    • Comments - On the outskirts of Los Angeles, acne scarred ex-gangster kneels and prays while reciting kabalistic nonsense. The vehicle parked outside uses a new kind of fuel that causes an increase of flower growth in the immediate area. These flowers produce the wildly popular drug technopiate.
  • [394]20160813-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Pleasure Seeker
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Trying to be a little trippy in the Dub Techno hippy appropriation style.
  • [393]20160806-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Vaporwave
    • Comments - Murky Vaporwave, sloppy mixes, twinkly head warp, bleepy rewind, nostalgic breaks, haunted beats.
  • [392]20160727-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Meat in a Jar
    • Genre - Tribal Drone
    • Comments - Ambient Shitwave with African Folk moments, Dub Techno and Power Electronics.
  • [391]20160715-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Penal Renal fact based barf remedies. Jerky turkey fart bias been removed. Janky wacky fat boat beyond redemption.
  • [390]20160714-1.1:19:41 114,752K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Folkish
    • Comments - Tribute to a man in a dog suit.
  • [389]20160708-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Tech-House
    • Comments - Pompous Techno in a House way.
  • [388]20160707-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Protect Them
    • Genre - Trash
    • Comments - Beyond Eclectic. Random music assembled for the purpose of proving the power of the Selector, DJ and the Mix. All hail!
  • [387]20160704-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Fifty Thousand Dollars
    • Genre - Industrial Techno
    • Comments - Creepy 3d sound mutado score to an unclear dreamy plot. Woke up with a throbbing headache.
  • [386]20160704-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    One Year In Jail
    • Genre - Drama Wave
    • Comments - Morose Prog Dirge.
  • [385]20160630-1.36:55 53,163K Disco Boy
    Dropping Pound
    • Genre - Down Tempo
    • Comments - And it has continued to fall. Beats, melody and noise. Acid Bro?
  • [384]20160615-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Gay Muslim
    • Genre - Lounge
    • Comments - Young man with mystical leanings splurges on ointments at a local mall. The tangled clotted mess of his sphincter truly becomes a scented garden. This is not a cheeseball belly dancing mix.
  • [383]20160614-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dance Pop
    • Comments - Vapidity and bad taste excruciatingly divine - a little slice of semi-heaven.
  • [382]20160613-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Dress For Success
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Idea to meme, no effort or money required. The power of ideas in the service of the lazy.
  • [381]20160605-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Sleek thumping and moody.
  • [380]20160604-1.1:06:25 95,663K Disco Boy
    Tisnt a Taint
    • Genre - Unknown
    • Comments - Jazzy and emotional, stylistically everywhere.
  • [379]20160524-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Mike B Gave Me VD
    • Genre - Acid
    • Comments - Neo something space oriented Electro, High Energy and old school Tribal, House, Disco and Funk. Significant friction requires excessive lubrication.
  • [378]20160516-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Gay Wrestler
    • Genre - Dark Techno
    • Comments - Gets his boots on; suede Pumas. Pulls his terry cloth jumpsuit over his muscular ass. Thin pads protect him as he is repeatedly thrown to the mat.
  • [377]20160510-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Old Growth
    • Genre - Depressing
    • Comments - Doom Dub and dusty Metals.
  • [376]20160509-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    A Little Racist
    • Genre - World
    • Comments - Somehow putting the Blues singer in with the World music seems a wee racist upon reflection.
  • [375]20160505-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Downtempo
    • Comments - Sentimental crotch tickler yet big and bold.
  • [374]20160503-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Haunting Tribal Techno, Deep Electro, Dub Techno, Acid Techno, Minimal - What more do you want?
  • [373]20160501-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Jazz Hands
    • Genre - Jazz
    • Comments - A man walks away from his job and abandons his leased car in a grocery store parking lot in a costal California town. He recreates herself. Her first purchase is a pair of jazz shoes and an aloha shirt.
  • [372]20160430-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Unknown
    • Comments - Dramatic high calorie glazed desert music. Off with their heads!
  • [371]20160419-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub
    • Comments - To be accompanied with craft IPA.
  • [370]20160416-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Eclectic, mostly dance mix of various styles and mid tempo rhythmic structures.
  • [369]20160407-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Any Luck
    • Genre - Shitwave
    • Comments - Shitwave for psychedelic hillbillies and psychic yodelers.
  • [368]20160402-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Last Mile
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Splendid dark polyrhythmic Techno jam.
  • [367]20160320-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Live Long
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Celebrating the life of the ultimate Acid-Heroin musician.
  • [366]20160313-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Counting Drinks
    • Genre - Dickwave
    • Comments - Lush synthetic blister pulse harmonic dust seer ragtime molestation sulking malevolence.
  • [365]20160312-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Bi Polar
    • Genre - Shitworld
    • Comments - Latin noise, country and deranged Synth Pop.
  • [364]20160312-1.1:19:58 115,155K Disco Boy
    Shelter Cove
    • Genre - Browave
    • Comments - Rub a Dub Bro friendly Downtempo and a little trippy.
  • [363]20160310-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Dark, throbbing and sample abuse. Techno and some Acid and Electro bombs, psycho-fidelity.
  • [362]20160309-1.1:04:23 92,736K Disco Boy
    Pieces Fell
    • Genre - Freestyle
    • Comments - Edited for sanity, misleading Industrial intro. Not strictly Freestyle but serious clapper throughout except a little Disco.
  • [361]20160217-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Punk Fela
    • Genre - Unknown
    • Comments - Raw African Rhythm and angst. Let the plastic chairs fly.
  • [360]20160214-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Let Me Hold You Down
    • Genre - Doom
    • Comments - Man I get you so heavy with sandbags on your feet and ass you sink to the bottom a Freestyle revelation sets you free. Doom Drone Dub.
  • [359]20160213-1.1:16:13 109,761K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Rightfield
    • Comments - Low brow hi-fi Dub and Jungle, Electro-Clash and Rave tunes.
  • [358]20160203-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Shit Parade
    • Genre - Electronic
    • Comments - Becky just wanted a fun night out with her girlfriends but the club was half empty, filled with weirdos and shitty music. After a while it started to smooth out, maybe it was the drinks this tech bro bought us. He was cute and also put off by the heavy nerd attendance. It started to get weird again so we left.
  • [357]20160202-1.1:10:00 100,820K Disco Boy
    2 Sick 2 Miss
    • Genre - Wacky
    • Comments - Shitwave and Dadaist Electro fun.
  • [356]20160131-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dance Pop
    • Comments - Joe Frank could tell stories on top of this... maybe too much Disco, Funk and New Wave.
  • [355]20160131-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - World
    • Comments - Middle Eastern and African Folk like might happen if you went over to your progressive professor's dinner party and talked about the use of social media in the Arab spring.
  • [354]20160128-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Best Ever
    • Genre - Industrial Dance
    • Comments - Not Industrial Dance. Industrial plus Dance.
  • [353]20160117-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Sub Par
    • Genre - Industrial
    • Comments - Some of my favorite Industrial that deserve to be big hits.
  • [352]20160116-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Shitwave
    • Comments - Dark mystical vibes, classic Industrial Shitwave.
  • [351]20160115-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Passed Over
    • Genre - Industrial
    • Comments - Synthetic collage, stiff beats and loud humming. War vibe.
  • [350]20160107-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    No Storm
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Industrial Techno, Dub Techno, Acid Symphonic and Prog interludes.
  • [349]20151227-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Life Starts At 50
    • Genre - Techroid
    • Comments - Grind my cowboy with Industrial Techno. Lick my spandex sludge. Drop my core.
  • [348]20151214-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Electro
    • Comments - Obscure yet young and vibrant without the alt makeup.
  • [347]20151213-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Unknown
    • Comments - Mild stroll at the edge of a lushly planted area. The foliage gets thicker and animal life is observed.
  • [346]20151126-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Wacky rockin weird jam.
  • [345]20151120-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub
    • Comments - Dub paid in installments.
  • [344]20151114-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Ethno-Disco
    • Comments - European Islamic Ghetto dreams of Brazilian make over. Electro international world Dub Vietnamese cheese.
  • [343]20151103-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Noise-Boogie
    • Comments - Spandex and macramé ball gowns. Roughnecks crash the party. Psychedelic bruising but certainly not Disco free.
  • [342]20151031-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Unsafe Labs 1
    • Genre - Space Step
    • Comments - Spacey Techno Horror Step Industrial drone.
  • [341]20151031-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Unsafe Labs 2
    • Genre - Zombilly
    • Comments - Creepy mystical negative plane space jams and haunted hillbilly tunes.
  • [340]20151031-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Unsafe Labs 3
    • Genre - Industrial Dance
    • Comments - Creepy science drones and tunes with bad science themes. Edgy industrial dance vibe.
  • [339]20151009-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    No Chops
    • Genre - Electro
    • Comments - lo fi Pub Dub, Doom and Boom, Pump and Jump.
  • [338]20151003-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Latin
    • Comments - This is some kind of Latin mix of various styles but also some cheesy Breaks and Rap and enough Italo and Freestyle to make you think you are dancing in an Middle Eastern run night club in Tuscon called Voilas in the 80's.
  • [337]20150926-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    No Space Ship
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Don't let the hand bag intro fool you, this is more college radio than dance party.
  • [336]20150912-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Hands Off
    • Genre - Holiday
    • Comments - Quirky with drones.
  • [335]20150908-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Freestyle
    • Comments - Need a sneaky popper backed hand job while lounging in a cheap bar with a jungle theme? Warm up the motor boat bro, we are cruising the Crimea.
  • [334]20150905-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Six Teeth
    • Genre - Bad
    • Comments - Electro sleaze Freestyle filth laundromat lurker hooker trancer - Beautiful Music.
  • [333]20150829-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - The mystery and menace - a walking tour on the border of prosperity and central valley depression.
  • [332]20150828-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Electro-Trance
    • Comments - Get off the train with a confused head in an unknown country side, unprepared. Sneak into an industrial meat processing facility. Knocked unconscious. Wake up in the back of a van. Abducted to a steamy eastern block night club where you are forced to serve drinks.
  • [331]20150817-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - A shart is Jazz in your pants. But even with a mess in my drawers I can play a nice beat to dance to.
  • [330]20150815-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - This is about macho head games, losing your grip and taking it out on your child. Trading a subwoofer for a balloon of junk, just to even out.
  • [329]20150808-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Yard Sale
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Upsetting post rock vibe sort of psychedelic. Colonial dystopia mind fuck in a too much acid kind of way.
  • [328]20150802-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Danxe
    • Comments - Lush electronix, get a bit sharper, then finish with Hip Hop.
  • [327]20150731-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Skank
    • Comments - House music, funky and cheesy with Techno transitions.
  • [326]20150727-1.1:12:09 103,911K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Freestyle
    • Comments - Freestyle with a few cheesy house tracks from Freestyle labels.
  • [325]20150718-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Jazz
    • Comments - Moving quickly dark Techno to House to Disco could this be Balearic? Crunchy Rhythms. Back and forth, Techno and House, keeping the mixes fun.
  • [324]20150628-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Vegan Dogs
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Codgerly jam miser whisker biscuit.
  • [323]20150626-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Ashbient
    • Comments - Surprisingly friendly dark Industrial electronics.
  • [322]20150614-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Large Rack
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Dub Techno and other rhythmic and darkly psychedelic, ominous interludes.
  • [321]20150607-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Got Some
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Greedy Disco, Pulsing Techno, Seductive Pop, Exotic Dirge
  • [320]20150605-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dunce
    • Comments - Industrial motif. Acid attitude. Techno taste. House trained. And even some Rock n Roll tragedy.
  • [319]20150531-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Chapter Scene
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Drilling into the core of a planet that has not been previously explored - gas or liquid discharge can be fatal - throbbing Tribal Techno.
  • [318]20150530-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Diamond Blade
    • Genre - Chill
    • Comments - Venus flytrap tickles the prey's genitals then partially cripples the visitor while injecting a hypnotic that convinces the traumatized it is an improvement. Cast iron plumbing requires the use of a...
  • [317]20150526-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Noise
    • Comments - Moody Romantic Electro is always a nice way to start a mix. And bitches w/titties is another good move. Lets see if he can hold the groove. Perfect slide into musicality from a machine dub groove. Slightly barmy. Vague mystical industrial mirage.
  • [316]20150502-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    May Day
    • Genre - Vapid
    • Comments - You need to use real sophisticated vocabulary like: "Super unliminally conditioned by intentionally reflexive self programming." - to rationalize this kind of junk. I dedicates this one to you!
  • [315]20150423-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Front Butt
    • Genre - Downtempo
    • Comments - Song stylings of noisy post-punk subway rides and an outer planetary launch toward an unpleasant destination world.
  • [314]20150420-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Post Doc
    • Genre - Shitwave
    • Comments - Moody diversions yield unexpected comfort. Pounding, grinding and churning down to primal substance.
  • [313]20150419-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Moody
    • Comments - Philosophical ponderings in shrieks and growls. Quantum teleportation is misunderstood because state is not a particle. Information is information, neither matter nor energy - Norbert Wiener. Sci-Fi is pleasurable.
  • [312]20150417-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Free Rave
    • Genre - Freestyle
    • Comments - Electro Rave with Freestyle flourishes. Bleepy, breaky cheap drum machines. I probably should have taken it further and stayed completely clear of anything classy.
  • [311]20150415-1.1:17:46 111,989K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Song based, very little mixing pop and metal. For less sophisticated consumption.
  • [310]20150412-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Velvet pants, paisley cravat, leather corset, platform shoes. Styles descending from Electro Clash to House to Down Tempo.
  • [309]20150410-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Starts out delivering the goods: Filtery Atmospheric Tribal Dub Dark Techno. At some point we find ourselves a little more in to the dollar records and careening about in the shitwave.
  • [308]20150403-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Battle Boom
    • Genre - Freestyle
    • Comments - Shit on Mr. Camaro. The players are played. This tacky stuff is fun to mix. My memory of KPOO is tribal soul.
  • [307]20150328-1.1:14:25 107,168K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Peppy Techno and House. Cheesy and retro bits... Neo-Freestyle?
  • [306]20150321-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Gut Leak
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Obscure Vapidity Simulates Sophistication. Obscure Knowledge Without Aesthetic Hook Provokes Vapidity.
  • [305]20150315-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    30 Percent Hotter
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Sleaze Pop for a vibrator shop. Psychedelia for carnivores.
  • [304]20150315-1.37:04 53,378K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - A splendid satire on record collecting and consumerism. Not really. Just another daring mix of disparate styles.
  • [303]20150311-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    For Jeno and Sunshine
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Sheepish doctor pilfers pain medication, puts on leather pants and parties down, gets recruited into a gang that listens to jazz and stand up paddles while contemplating the revival of phrenology.
  • [302]20150307-1.1:14:32 107,344K Disco Boy
    Two Collars
    • Genre - Deranged
    • Comments - Pulling records from the shelves in a freak out, I tripped over the cat and face planted into a vulva instructional play toy.
  • [301]20150305-1.1:08:52 99,173K Disco Boy
    Examples Given
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Dark and luxurious using the technique of playing quiet records louder.
  • [300]20150303-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Manipulative gummer. Somewhat trancey and prancey and gutless.
  • [299]20150301-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - House
    • Comments - Sophisticated with out being too dry, hint of straw, lemon, pepper and light fruitiness.
  • [298]20150223-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Metal
    • Comments - You would think with all the dance music that comes out of Italy that you could buy some there. Most shops seemed focused on Progressive Psychedelic Rock, Metal and New Wave.
  • [297]20150131-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Beautiful white Blues sets the tone for this temporarily dancey mix. One of the Disco Funk tracks was taken from an otherwise intolerable Do-Wop record. After we get our groove on for a bit lets drop into various down tempo forms. Stay on course?
  • [296]20150124-1.1:10:53 102,082K Disco Boy
    All Over Thee Place
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Frolicking joyful titty licker with deep psychedelic moments.
  • [295]20150118-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Crawl 1
    • Genre - Booze Beats
    • Comments - Vanguard patrol mini joint lumberjack exodus. Packer bar Captain and Coke. More troops arrive at biker bar as things begin to get unsteady. The last sober leads charge to Monte's and the canned chili and Original Goldfish finally gets the Hero to 32nd.
  • [294]20150118-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Crawl 2
    • Genre - Booze Beats
    • Comments - Mini joint Jenga. Rum and Coke. Frozen pizza. Unhinged celebrant walks home.
  • [293]20150115-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Sodomy
    • Comments - Rubberized body suit heat activated riot motivator. Carnivalesque and spacy with chubby but still wave-ish tempo variance.
  • [292]20150110-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Beastiality
    • Comments - Wiggling through dark folds and warped intuition. Anger and debt with a bleak future. Malfunctioning urbanity. Gravel and lava smoothie.
  • [291]20150101-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Eastern Block
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Pretty much dubby = filter and echo techno. Deviating from the template only occasionally. Sleepy somber, wife has a cold music.
  • [290]20141227-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Brown Magic
    • Genre - Industrial Disco
    • Comments - Large shipping container moved across state lines and across time. Inside a dance club for amputee koala ends after a celebrity disembowelment. Cauldron of molten caramel infused with ayahuasca is poured into bunny molds and distributed at Easter.
  • [289]20141224-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Teaser 1
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Two forms of thuggery, several forms of triviality, a singular case of devotion. Mostly darkness.
  • [288]20141224-1.1:18:39 113,266K Disco Boy
    Teaser 2
    • Genre - Shit Wave
    • Comments - Pulsing Cocoon. Opiated dream of genital removal. You know it is almost always the case that when my mix is not a full 80 minutes that I edited it. That record is for sale.
  • [287]20141220-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    New Butt
    • Genre - Nu Beat
    • Comments - Nu and old sexy beats but no love between the sheets.
  • [286]20141213-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Back Door
    • Genre - Dronage
    • Comments - Rise and Fall of the heavy and earnest.
  • [285]20141211-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - The walls are breached. The batter is on the floor. The streets are empty. Parade of middle aged swingers. Forces of nature reveal themselves. It is just an art film.
  • [284]20141206-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Tech Philanthropist
    • Genre - Inner Dance
    • Comments - Walking the line between moody and Balearic. Smooth and sophisticated with a new car smell. Yuppie trance. European body wash commercial.
  • [283]20141123-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Sex on the Bus
    • Genre - Balearic
    • Comments - Balearic as in Eclectic Dance. Mostly groovy and laid back.
  • [282]20141116-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Party Promotion
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Some long songs so if you got a short attention span maybe you are not ready for this. Mostly electronic but some long Psychedelic Doom as well. Many records acquired that weekend. What is a party? What is a statement?
  • [281]20141104-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Aggressive and should be played loudly.
  • [280]20141103-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Something Easy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Easy Listening makes it more than killing it softly. Someone's dad's records.
  • [279]20141102-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Hollow Penis
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Chill but spooky and engaging. Very electronic but for one jammy moment. Definitely fits the 13c new age fascist aesthetic.
  • [278]20141022-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Sparkle Ponies
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - So hard to make a mix for these girls. One would assume from their fashion that they would be into some kind of demented new wave Japanese pop. That's not what this is... I just did my best not to toss in that usual dose of pain.
  • [277]20141018-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    At Home
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Throbbing dark trancer with moments of bliss. Electro Blues.
  • [276]20141015-1.1:19:03 113,856K Disco Boy
    Game 4
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Neck pain, foot pain, voodoo? Perverted reaction to industrial accident. Tad moody.
  • [275]20141014-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Bigger sound by playing two records at once. Jungle fashions. Space + Metal <> Space Metal. Gothic Electro.
  • [274]20141005-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Not for the car unless you drive a Cadillac. Avoid noisy listening environments to get the fullest experience. There are some delicate moments that will be drowned out by ambient noise.
  • [273]20140910-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Not important serious music that manages to be fun. Heavy, graceful, violent and seductive. Non-essential listening, but very satisfying.
  • [272]20140906-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Tribal space dicks. Twitching mound of latex. Transfer bio hazard to outer facility. Lord of the Sector demands payment for crossing. Crash landing. Fire into Gold.
  • [271]20140822-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Shitwave
    • Comments - Shitwave can be lighter than Darkwave. Shin-gaurded Industrial Dance, de-moodified by House.
  • [270]20140821-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    While You Can
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Epic estranged bus banger. Test, discard brassiere. Creepy freeper. Lecherous.
  • [269]20140820-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Mix and Fold
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Smooth and Hard
  • [268]20140801-1.1:17:49 112,067K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Shitwave
    • Comments - Soulful Eclecticism, Depressed Balearic, Country Doom, ultra fucking moody.
  • [267]20140722-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - An odd frolicking toe licker.
  • [266]20140716-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Crosslake Training
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Leave the house. Empathize with horrible people.
  • [265]20140507-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Dainty peek at the inside of a small box.
  • [264]20140410-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - The feel good Country / Easy Listening soundtrack to your dead hamster's life.
  • [263]20140405-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Acid hand job. Lip gloss. Padded shoulders. Cement shoes.
  • [262]20140331-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Reddy For Da Rave
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - On Mushrooms in a Ford Pinto driving the Las Vegas Strip drinking a Slurpee picking up a hipster prostitute in high waisted shorts.
  • [261]20140328-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Bee Strong
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Mostly dance music. There was an incident with a bee but also a shout to the fantastic Vinyl Dreams record store where many of these were acquired.
  • [260]20140324-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Old Cheese
    • Genre - Acid
    • Comments - Some old cheesy hip hop rave music you think would not age well does.
  • [259]20140305-1.1:16:31 110,202K Disco Boy
    Operation Ostritch
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Missed Bus, two ideal work hours per day... Some songs, some brooding no hippy shit.
  • [258]20140226-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Sloppy Thinking
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Russian woman crosses Tibet 3rd time. Epic House track at Master's research facility. Song played out by Tomkat. Gobi Steps shamanic circle dance sweet devachan.
  • [257]20140223-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    A Terrible Thing
    • Genre - Soft Rock
    • Comments - Soft Rock... just to warn you there is Soft Rock. Other stuff too but some serious soft rocks in the second half. You might feel like you got mugged in an alley.
  • [256]20140220-1.1:19:24 114,356K Disco Boy
    Total Freedom
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Freedom to be groovy. Freedom to be ugly. Freedom to be superficial.
  • [255]20140215-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Shit Eater
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Lawrence Welk does Alt and Electronica.
  • [254]20140212-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    The Heils
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Uneventful technology conference. Parking lot fight. Brown rouge. Dark room filled with smoke and reverb and extra dimensions.
  • [253]20140120-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Title Change
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Pompous Blues and Lounge
  • [252]20140115-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Not Entirely
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - 80's Tranny bar in Tucson. A guy who works in a trendy Techno club with DJs from Berlin gives you a ride home.
  • [251]20140102-1.1:16:24 110,037K Disco Boy
    The Consultant
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Garbage man child molester dry humps old pizza boxes.
  • [250]20131231-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Bath Salts
    • Genre - Metal
    • Comments - Metal boys use old auto mechanic rags to clean their pits. Lots of this has old school Metal sound but there is some newer brutal stuff.
  • [249]20131228-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    On Purpose
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Thoughtful twitchy operations with moments of pop-throb. A drifting collage, sparse and ploinky.
  • [248]20131217-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Day Care
    • Genre - Break-Lounge
    • Comments - Unusually quiet beginning. Electric fauna with photosynthetic membrane. Chunky Ambient Dub to Jungle. Tahitian vacation.
  • [247]20131204-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Lesbian Affair
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Disco Electro Pervert
  • [246]20131102-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Old and Confused
    • Genre - Metal
    • Comments - Extreme Metal of various sub-genres bookended with small country bits. Disco Boy's redneck fans have a soft spot for both genres.
  • [245]20131028-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Shit Wave
    • Comments - Leaning to Goth with guitar lots of dark wave moodiness. Sulk.
  • [244]20131025-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Vivacious flirty come-ons from tinny to woody or wavey to dubby.
  • [243]20131022-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Sadisco
    • Comments - A new take on Sadisco. Instead of mutilating it with effects the disco is brutalized with Noise. This mix is a Disco Boy manifesto.
  • [242]20131019-1.1:19:57 115,152K Disco Boy
    No Logo
    • Genre - Acid
    • Comments - Low intensity Techno, Industrial Dance, Acid House
  • [241]20131007-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Fancy Wave
    • Genre - Shit Wave
    • Comments - Blendy is the originator of Shit Wave. I'm just riding that shit wave. For me its got elements of new wave, especially the synthy parts. It also has a more consistently dark mood influenced by Doom, Industrial and Black Metal. But really with Shit Wave you can toss in any old wavy shit.
  • [240]20130927-1.1:19:26 114,391K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Brothic
    • Comments - Really bitchin cold dark Metal, Goth bro.
  • [239]20130922-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Chop House
    • Genre - Shit Wave
    • Comments - Dirgy and Atmospheric with a touch of House
  • [238]20130907-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Built For This
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - It's Rock in that it is not Eclectic enough to be Eclectic. Some Pop, Some Doom but mostly Songs to Educate Children. Start 'em young I say. Nerd Boy and Girl with substance abuse issues on a date driving to a chili cook off.
  • [237]20130904-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Shallow and Cold
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Sketchy survival 7-11 crack whore gets a job at Cal-Trans placing cones. The monotony is disrupted by an accident that colors the street with blood. She walks off the job to get a rock.
  • [236]20130825-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Mouse Trap
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Relating to Tomkat and the killing of rats. Not too intelligent nor banging. Winding down with some Dirgestep.
  • [235]20130729-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Fair Trade
    • Genre - Industrial
    • Comments - This has noise and some non noisy things that many who were into Industrial and Noise were also into. There are also some other tracks tossed in which give this a more sympathetic bent.
  • [234]20130715-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - If you mean Doom and Metal is Rock, then Rock. There is also Soul and Pop in there and a tiny bit of Noise. No fancy mixes.
  • [233]20130705-1.1:19:46 114,871K Disco Boy
    Stepped On
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Yes, I used a wave editor and smoothed out a mix, so? There is a transition from Disco House to Techno... it's really not subtle.
  • [232]20130616-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Industrial
    • Comments - This is mostly the more macho Industrial with beats. Not totally pure but should be good enough for shin guard wearing.
  • [231]20130615-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Very friendly dubby set. Can play in front of co-workers, not too slow that it will put you to sleep. Good job Disco Boy! Touch of classy acid house in there too.
  • [230]20130609-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Doomy to Ethereal. Aging and maturing digitally r.r. and a.c.
  • [229]20130513-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Shadow Shakti
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Yin yoga? Probably not.
  • [228]20130512-1.1:19:39 114,716K Disco Boy
    Mothers Day Metal
    • Genre - Metal
    • Comments - Almost all black some death. A few bits of production but mostly barbaric under produced raw art.
  • [227]20130427-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Another possibility for alt. More fun than college radio.
  • [226]20130426-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    No Eternal Soul
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - You don't need soul if you mix Electronica and Rock and Roll. You really need to listen to find out how spiritual love can be.
  • [225]20130218-1.1:18:56 113,677K Disco Boy
    Villa No Mo
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Not Brutal but not laid back. Compelling techno with dub seasoning. Making the rounds one artist fell off the roster because I couldn't feel it. I am sure I will always second guess myself on this one. Maybe it was the record before.
  • [224]20130214-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Disco Mystery
    • Genre - Disco
    • Comments - Daytime TV 70's dance party. Maybe a bit childish and soapy. Deeper as it goes on.
  • [223]20130213-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Always Wrong
    • Genre - Disco
    • Comments - Not all Disco but the Funk and Rock are both so coked out... it might as well be.
  • [222]20130000-1.1:12:49 104,864K Disco Boy
    So Wrong
    • Genre - Disco
    • Comments - Disco funk soul. Makes me want to ice skate.
  • [221]20121219-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Going Quietly
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Basically a fairly tribal deal but there is this intuition that its gonna be a good frat party mix.
  • [220]20121214-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    In The Spirit
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Edgy Ambient with Industrial moments.
  • [219]20121115-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Morning Set
    • Genre - Electronica
    • Comments - Here Electronica is being used as a generalization. Disco and space techno. Tight mixes yet sax frottage. Brilliant sadisco ending.
  • [218]20121111-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Records ov Tomkat V1
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Not so minimal. Mixed in the morning, after coffee, means more mixes per hour.
  • [217]20121104-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Movie Night
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Internet soap stars lounge in each others anal cavities. Hints of totalitarianism and Armageddon. Steps into a trancy groove.
  • [216]20120701-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - 70's Rock motivator demotivates into depressing garble, too much thorazine I guess.
  • [215]20120701-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Fundamentally Unsound
    • Genre - Metal
    • Comments - Alt irony, cute but brutal, small but viscious.
  • [214]20120701-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Grand Child
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Love projected as natural, plush sadisco. Epic rock and jazz. Please everyone and then betray their trust.
  • [213]20120701-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    In The Dumps
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Time travel syrupy nostalgia semi rare groove, transport brutality, silky sodomy, bestiality - country and foreign. Progressive disco fever.
  • [212]20120701-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Last Straw
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Was going to be retro but its retro like pants are retro. At this hour even the Metal sounds retro. Fun! Catchy!
  • [211]20120701-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    No Pants
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Gay military anthem, solo mio. Fun and Silly. A reasonable thing to play when you don't want to intimidate people with your musical intensity.
  • [210]20120701-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Rockers Pizza
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Holy Crap - this is eclectic. Kinda started moody electro dark sophisticated and then got into some hip hop scratch misfortunes. I remember liquor was involved... then it just opens up to those Vegas showrooms where only Disco Boy goes.
  • [209]20120701-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Short Life
    • Genre - Funk
    • Comments - Funky Disco - Disco Funk.
  • [208]20120701-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Yellow Light
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Frantic jazz Columbian kidnap. Dungeon (sadisco) - escape - Back to the jungle, Flown to Japan for interrogation.
  • [207]20120701-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Young By Lunch
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Relaxed beats, slow jams and then pace picks up to a trance then mellows. Slightly vapid.
  • [206]20120615-1.1:08:46 99,031K Disco Boy
    Needs a Bath
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Swinging vines. So many ways to be wrong for so long. Groove diverse - House and Techno... mostly mixed dance music, upbeat.
  • [205]20120601-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Ever Clean One
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Serial sentimental drone klinik. West African hands electro congo. Embarassing anxiety producing uncool.
  • [204]20120601-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    House Hunting
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - A variety of habitats for the day you went away.
  • [203]20120601-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Moody decadant process deadlock.
  • [202]20120601-1.41:47 60,177K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Acid
    • Comments - Farty-Bugs smove-j juiced d+b.
  • [201]20120410-1.1:19:33 114,560K Disco Boy
    The Scorpion
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Sadisco pre-band spoken word pretense. Ethno-albatros electro slut. Construction worker lunchbox filtered to screaming psyche stoner jam.
  • [200]20120303-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Hella Tight
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Uncomfortable pathetic insolant pettycoat cum stains. Disco sax workout. Clumsy reciprocation. Beats repeatedly sabotaged. Ethnic street fair. Lurid stadium rock spillout. Melancholia.
  • [199]20120228-1.1:19:10 114,017K Disco Boy
    MetaDollarBin 2
    • Genre - Used
    • Comments - Fuzzy desk troll carousel batter-boy. It's whats next that counts... for nuthin!
  • [198]20120228-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Techno Bravo
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Throbbing techno with contemporary production values. Breakfast on 24th.
  • [197]20120212-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Gimmie an R
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Trash, Brash and Rash. Rockin Funky. Mildly trippy. Proggish indywave. Can you go to a place where sad weak glam rock speaks out? Funk answers! High/Free/Heavy. Esoteric banality.
  • [196]20120211-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Fix Me
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Slippery retro space jaunt. Taut textured rec-room ping-pong. More rigor post-mortis.
  • [195]20120211-1.1:19:33 114,558K Disco Boy
    Scandalous Mom
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Vibrant positive tribal sadisco. Good natured, even jazzy, sophistication. Sludgy gravel filled gruel. Late, bitter, somehow nurturing and twinkly, softly dispairing before returning to cosmic rock and roll bliss.
  • [194]20120125-1.1:19:09 113,979K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Ethno Albatross Electro Slut
  • [193]20111120-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - City streets and cigarettes. Complaints about sex. Journey to fire mountain. Classics.
  • [192]20111115-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Swamp Dick
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - True it has techno, some of it even classy... but it gets swampy. You could be fondling yourself in a quiet corner and next thing you know your hand smells like sourdough.
  • [191]20111109-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Sophisticated, difficult, pretty, thick, elegant and trashy
  • [190]20111012-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    7 Year Itch
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Rock... with some Funky stuff. You could party with Ricky.
  • [189]20110925-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    He Tests Good
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Wavey Electro filtery Techno, slightly nerdy.
  • [188]20110915-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Darkwave
    • Comments - Nipsie Bustle. Chants of a shoplifter. Capacitor overload. Uneasy gasseous vibrations. Re-entry into landscape foreign yet familiar. Techno re-intentiated. Brownest ever grey-green dub-scapes.
  • [187]20110915-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Darkwave
    • Comments - Preparation for tribal space combat. Cut to love scene. Back to red alert: combat eminent. Cut to cruising. Targeting population, analytical pace. Credits.
  • [186]20110904-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Rave
    • Comments - Many 90s Rave Hits, quickly mixed with no regard for saftey. Dollar Bin finds from MetaVinyl.
  • [185]20110531-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Sophisticated tribal beats tinged with the murderous passion inspired by raccoon assault.
  • [184]20110505-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Arab horse racers vie for the attention of a country blond with big tits. [sadisco]
  • [183]20110418-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub
    • Comments - Dub Classical
  • [182]20110418-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Left Handed Lute
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Dark electronic folk ambiance.
  • [181]20110413-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Funk
    • Comments - Lighthouse in Monterey is Funky
  • [180]20110406-1.1:14:07 106,748K Disco Boy
    No Crackles
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Organic Techno/Not Techno Jam - New Rane MP44 Mixer
  • [179]20110221-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Rabbit Tricks
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Rock Blues intro mostly spacey Techno. Lots of other stuff. Inconsistant tempo. Noise Outro.
  • [178]20110210-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - The early fruits of the Monterey record shopping. Some [sadisco], industrials, slow jam and wave.
  • [177]20100927-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Black Worm
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Proggish, Rock Fusion, mixer starting to age out.
  • [176]20100823-1.1:19:57 115,148K Disco Boy
    Reverse Ozzmosis
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - 2 days after a party, while putting records back in the sleeves, I attempted to reconstruct as an archeologist might and re-interpret as one still drinking off the keg might.
  • [175]20100627-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Kitty Politics
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Some very addictive songs; disco to doom.
  • [174]20100614-1.1:19:56 115,128K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Disco and Techno kinda retro.
  • [173]20100602-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Well, not all Rock - there is significant Techno and one dubious hybrid that ties them together.
  • [172]20100511-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Cynical Buddhist
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Prog, Blues and Psych and other selected by whimsy if not whisky.
  • [171]20100212-1.1:19:56 115,128K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Vocal 70's and 80's Rock
  • [170]20090930-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Has Been
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Filter, Linger, Decay, Dance, Nod.
  • [169]20090809-1.1:19:56 115,128K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Rock
    • Comments - Progish preposterous dandyisms. Painful disco thrashings. Gratuitous pandering to the Irish.
  • [168]20090719-1.1:19:56 115,128K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Bookended by songs that tell a different story, mostly techno and dubby techno. I cannot remember if I named this for my bosses 3 year old daughter or a farmers market hippy chick I know.
  • [167]20090702-1.1:19:56 115,128K Disco Boy
    End of Life
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Moody, dark, droney, dubby, gothic and yet kinda faux psychedelic.
  • [166]20090509-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - The beats are padded. Wait for it.
  • [165]20090412-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - 70s
    • Comments - Exploring the impact of two bands which produced work through the entire decade of the 70s and their diminished influence. Designed for a 1979 mercedes convertable day after ride home from a long hottubing wife swapping pill popping chabli swilling evening.
  • [164]20090208-1.1:19:56 115,127K Disco Boy
    Kittens Aren't Supposed To Go Shopping
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Dub and Doom, deep and heavy speaker workout.
  • [163]20090104-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Cock Smoker
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Banging, Sadistic, Mental.
  • [162]20081117-1.1:19:57 115,140K Disco Boy
    Flop House
    • Genre - House
    • Comments - Attempt at slow house that got derailed by attempt to merge that with techno and dubstep. Over-excited DJ.
  • [161]20080913-1.1:19:32 114,550K Disco Boy
    Flub Puppets
    • Genre - Tech House
    • Comments - Some other distractions but mostly beats, mostly techno, quasi-minimal.
  • [160]20080909-1.1:17:11 111,164K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Dance all the way, some house some techno, night-time.
  • [159]20080820-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Party tape inspired by one who parties.
  • [158]20080819-1.1:19:56 115,121K Disco Boy
    None Stop
    • Genre - Weird
    • Comments - Dubby but lots of weirdness.
  • [157]20080812-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Value of Blackness
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Dub propper and Berlin Dub slightly accessorized; well appointed.
  • [156]20080807-1.1:11:15 102,612K Disco Boy
    Blow Up
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - High Energy, twangy and power hungry.
  • [155]20080703-1.1:19:54 115,063K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dub Techno
    • Comments - Smooth Dubby Tech-House. Recommended by Tammy D's limo service.
  • [154]20080617-1.1:16:44 110,500K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Slow jams, post Trip-Hop, Lux.
  • [153]20080612-1.1:19:55 115,090K Disco Boy
    Love Center
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Weird but Elegant. Fuzzy edges around a high fidelity center.
  • [152]20080524-1.1:19:55 115,100K Disco Boy
    Up Your Connect
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Rippling tremors of duck fat.
  • [151]20080501-1.1:18:35 113,170K Disco Boy
    Luke and the Birds 1
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Leaning on the tech side, some ecclecticism, touch of irony. Big hit in the Grand Marquis.
  • [150]20080501-1.1:17:56 112,240K Disco Boy
    Luke and the Birds 2
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - Sophisticated and mental with some of the cheezy disco you can't get away from in my collection.
  • [149]20080406-1.1:16:16 109,830K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dubstep
    • Comments - Bouncy tough enough.
  • [148]20080402-1.1:17:36 111,768K Disco Boy
    Soft Dick
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Epic combination of cool stuff. Listen now.
  • [147]20080321-1.1:02:26 89,921K Disco Boy
    Spring Breaks
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - 70s Heavy Metal and modern Dub stylings.
  • [146]20080314-1.1:15:11 108,286K Disco Boy
    Dub Dickweed
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Smoove dubby moves on feel good about yourself.
  • [145]20080305-1.1:17:08 111,092K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Intent was a non Dub intro that would seg nicely to Dub, but once in the Dub mix it was quickly abandoned for Jungle and other follies - hence the flub. More flub than Dub.
  • [144]20080301-1.1:18:27 112,973K Disco Boy
    Tech Bubble
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Yes techno but with a long pop intro and noise outro. Minimal. Some turntableisms.
  • [143]20080225-1.1:10:17 101,210K Disco Boy
    Black President
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Darkness, working its way to compelling and edgy beats.
  • [142]20080203-1.1:16:56 110,788K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Another in the series of fabulous flops and flips bringing extremely varied tracks together in a way that does not really flow but is provocative.
  • [141]20080122-1.1:02:52 90,552K Disco Boy
    Good Friday
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Starts like a positive vibe tech but something goes awry and the tempo lurches into impossible mixes filled with hate.
  • [140]20071208-1.52:24 75,475K Disco Boy
    Prep 2
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Dubby techno with some critical (as in music criticism) influences. Short Mixes, short mix.
  • [139]20071207-1.1:19:11 114,032K Disco Boy
    In Prep
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - This was not In Prep for anything and this is a very odd Dub interpretation. Maybe In Prep for sex with a crack smoking prostitute.
  • [138]20071202-1.1:19:56 115,111K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Mood music for the formerly hip, sentimental douchebag.
  • [137]20071129-1.1:19:57 115,134K Disco Boy
    The 71
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Mostly Techno but a few other things keep it interesting. Mellow, mostly.
  • [136]20071125-1.1:15:33 108,815K Disco Boy
    Piss Jugs
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Dubby at first then with Electro flavor.
  • [135]20071108-1.1:14:20 107,064K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Three kinds of bip, 80's, Disco and 90's Lounge. One very long song seems to last for an eternity.
  • [134]20071106-1.1:17:36 111,767K Disco Boy
    Still Seeing Redd
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Bit of Booyakasha both Dubstep and Jungle, Serbian flava and wack turntableisms.
  • [133]20071010-1.1:15:32 108,770K Disco Boy
    70 hrs a Week
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Some Industrial and Metal bits and mo techno, transitioning with 2 off Ragga droppings then a splurge of what seems pitched up too high Jungle but I swear it wasn't.
  • [132]20070906-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    No Question
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Some unorthadox mixes but mostly on the quietly mental side, some of it quite ancient, but none the less in genre, ignoring of course the first song.
  • [131]20070802-1.1:17:19 111,348K Disco Boy
    3 Times the Pain
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Mostly Techno some of it dubby but some other things too. Only a touch of camp and sleaze. Begins and ends with the true apha and omega of music, with an angel in the background.
  • [130]20070730-1.1:13:36 105,989K Disco Boy
    Broken Fingers
    • Genre - Techno, House
    • Comments - Dubby House and filtery Techno with a hint of Bass Science and Redd Foxx.
  • [129]20070720-1.1:14:56 107,922K Disco Boy
    Malibu Balcony
    • Genre - Techno, Eclectic
    • Comments - Mostly Techno but this mix gets weird in a too much acid kind of way. DB's paws all all over the records turning mistakes into triumphs, cheeze into prions. This mix is either one of the worst or one of the best.
  • [128]20070622-1.1:19:03 113,852K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Mixed with a dislocated shoulder on vicodin. Basically a dark Ambient, with sedate beats and Experimental Electronics, melding Prog., Industrial and Electronica.
  • [127]20070610-1.06:04 8,755K Disco Boy
    Some One Mono Like
    • Genre - Mash Up
    • Comments - Is this really a Mash Up or just a long mix?
  • [126]20070520-1.1:16:44 110,505K Disco Boy
    Shipping Is Killing Me
    • Genre - Techno, Dub
    • Comments - Some filtery Techno and some Dub, some Step with a Folk-Psyche interlude. 12 mixes.
  • [125]20070510-1.1:19:57 115,150K Disco Boy
    Layering Dog Flack
    • Genre - Ambient
    • Comments - Non traditional Ambient mix with no Black Metal. 12 Mixes.
  • [124]20070420-1.1:10:53 102,075K Disco Boy
    Step Mother
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - More records from dead relatives mixed with some Berlin Techno and a few odd 45's finishing with an experimental Stoner Rock favorite and a very strange cover. 11 mixes.
  • [123]20070410-1.1:17:46 111,999K Disco Boy
    Live In Oxaca
    • Genre - Techno, House
    • Comments - Techno and House with a couple surprises. 8 mixes.
  • [122]20070401-1.1:15:33 108,811K Disco Boy
    Rave Eyeliner
    • Genre - Techno, Dub
    • Comments - All records from one Boomkat shipment. Older and Newer Berlin Techno releases with a couple other less minimal more ravey-breaky tracks. Starts fast and gets slow. 14 mixes.
  • [121]20070301-1.1:17:47 112,025K Disco Boy
    Remember Why I Quit
    • Genre - Jungle, Dub, Eclectic
    • Comments - Some Disco Boy eclectic mixes genre hop every song...this doesn't. The Jungle section is more aggressive than the rest, which is fairly mellow. 14 Mixes.
  • [120]20070220-1.1:14:12 106,854K Disco Boy
    10 Years After
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - After 10 years, Disco Boy's first public performance attempting to fit a square peg in a round hole.
  • [119]20070218-1.1:17:39 111,831K Disco Boy
    Longer Smoother
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - First attempt at tying the Berlin derivatives and Detroit fathers. 14 mixes.
  • [118]20070209-1.1:10:34 101,617K Disco Boy
    Quick To Car
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - The wave form on this is long; puts you to sleep then wakes you up then puts you to sleep. Eclectic within the realms of modern off-popular music. 17 mixes.
  • [117]20070202-1.1:18:43 113,370K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - A lot of dance music, one track that needs to be sold, jazz intro, soul outro. 15 Mixes.
  • [116]20061201-1.1:19:58 115,158K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Techno
    • Comments - Floating between German and American Midwest Techno with a hard to pin down (Florida?) nightclub stopover. 22 Mixes.
  • [115]20061101-1.1:10:51 102,032K Disco Boy
    Da Dum Req
    • Genre - Classical
    • Comments - Requiems, some moog. 10 mixes.
  • [114]20061001-1.1:13:28 105,800K Disco Boy
    In Dub
    • Genre - Dub
    • Comments - Amazing, a mix with only one style, unless you are a purist, you won't mind the white boy Dub mixed in. 15 mixes.
  • [113]20060901-1.1:14:36 107,433K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Metal
    • Comments - Mostly Metal and other classy stuff. 8 mixes.
  • [112]20060801-1.1:15:07 108,183K Disco Boy
    Lage Tobol Part 1
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Rock and various dated dancy bits. 15 mixes.
  • [111]20060801-1.1:14:45 107,663K Disco Boy
    Lage Tobol Part 2
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Rock with various testosterone levels. 16 mixes.
  • [110]20060701-1.1:13:58 106,520K Disco Boy
    Layering Leather
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Eclectic to the point of random yet cohesive in an almost upbeat way. 15 Mixes.
  • [109]20060601-1.1:10:17 101,229K Disco Boy
    Redding Records
    • Genre - Oldies
    • Comments - Relative's records, Oldies and Classics. No bass. 23 Mixes.
  • [108]20051220-1.1:16:52 110,690K Disco Boy
    Christmas 2005 a
    • Genre - Christmas
    • Comments - Some actual Christmas music but not much, safe for most old people. 17 mixes.
  • [107]20051220-1.1:19:25 114,373K Disco Boy
    Christmas 2005 b
    • Genre - Christmas
    • Comments - Trying for a loose Jesus theme, safe for most old people. 11 Mixes.
  • [106]20051201-1.1:16:20 109,931K Disco Boy
    AP Folk
    • Genre - Folk
    • Comments - Trying to be apocalyptic but is really more sappy than that. 18 mixes.
  • [105]20051001-1.1:11:29 102,941K Disco Boy
    Doll of Doom
    • Genre - Doom, Country
    • Comments - Another juxtaposition concept mix. 14 mixes.
  • [104]20050901-1.1:07:08 96,697K Disco Boy
    Hellish Outing
    • Genre - Neo Electro, Jungle
    • Comments - Kind of dirty in an Electro Jungle Hardcore way. 11 Mixes.
  • [103]20050801-1.1:08:01 97,969K Disco Boy
    Keep In Track
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Sludgy Industrial Electronica builds into Black Metal frenzy.
  • [102]20050701-1.1:17:18 111,335K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Many genres but tracks played often almost in entirety, tracks are either slightly lame or subtly ironic depending on the day of listening. 16 mixes.
  • [101]20050601-1.53:24 76,913K Disco Boy
    Wanna Hear Lucifer
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Rock, Metal, Black Metal and odd interludes.
  • [100]20041201-1.1:06:36 95,925K Disco Boy
    Don Julio Ghost Ride
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Trippy in a hostile bad trippy kind of way.
  • [99]20041101-1.1:19:57 115,151K Disco Boy
    Follow Up
    • Genre - Electro, Techno
    • Comments - Hard at times with some of the playfulness (don't say bouncy) of Electro.
  • [98]20041002-1.1:06:36 95,927K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - 4 CD Wedding Mix.
  • [97]20041002-1.1:15:25 108,609K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - 4 CD Wedding Mix.
  • [96]20041002-1.1:17:03 110,959K Disco Boy
    Pseudo Ethnic
    • Genre - World
    • Comments - 4 CD Wedding Mix.
  • [95]20041002-1.1:14:50 107,776K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Dance
    • Comments - 4 CD Wedding Mix.
  • [94]20041001-1.1:12:00 103,693K Disco Boy
    Good One There
    • Genre - Techno, Metal, Eclectic
    • Comments - Fun Mix all over the place after a sober techno warm up. Sweet Jungle and ridiculous Metal.
  • [93]20040901-1.1:19:56 115,108K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Creepy melodic subtleties and Doom. 10 mixes.
  • [92]20040801-1.1:17:48 112,036K Disco Boy
    Redd Foxx Black Metal
    • Genre - Black Metal, Comedy
    • Comments - Simple formula juxtaposition with two of my favorite things.
  • [91]20040701-1.1:11:06 102,387K Disco Boy
    Two Failures
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Black Metal bookends with a creamy batch of sedate beats and wack turntableisms in the middle.
  • [90]20040601-1.1:09:42 100,379K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Pre-Mashup juxtaposition expo, Expect a disjointed bust of empire with the utopian roller title track. Rise, rise, rise Stoner Rock Electro Pop and Hip Hop variant. Mansonian operetta. 10 mixes.
  • [89]20031201-1.1:12:14 104,041K Disco Boy
    DJ Juan Epstein
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Just songs no dance music. Only slightly stranger, less consistent than college radio in the 80's.
  • [88]20031101-1.1:12:16 104,086K Disco Boy
    DJ Liberal Bias
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Utopian variety hour crushed in the end by a villain.
  • [87]20031001-1.1:10:12 101,098K Disco Boy
    Doomed by the Living
    • Genre - Doom
    • Comments - Eclectic silliness sandwiched between serious Doom.
  • [86]20030901-1.1:11:34 103,063K Disco Boy
    In Effect
    • Genre - Hip Hop
    • Comments - Mostly old records from an E-OAK warehouse. Hella tight if you ignore one real sad mash up and a few other wacknesses. 16 Mixes.
  • [85]20030801-1.1:19:00 113,766K Disco Boy
    KKK v Norway II
    • Genre - Metal, Country
    • Comments - Stuff to take your truck apart while on speed.
  • [84]20030701-1.1:16:50 110,655K Disco Boy
    Metal Minstral
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Lots of moody electronic interludes with a couple choice Psyche pieces and of course Black Metal and a bit of Jungle.
  • [83]20030601-1.1:12:40 104,663K Disco Boy
    Where Is the Black Pen
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Mostly Glammy Rock, Blues and Black Metal.
  • [82]20030423-1.1:32:19 132,954K Disco Boy
    New Arrivals
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Most of these were from a big shopping trip at Logos, mixed out of the bag, with a few from the collection. Upbeat, rockin and noisy but also jazzy and unlimited.
  • [81]20021201-1.1:32:13 132,803K Disco Boy
    400 Legs
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Wavering beteen a not so primitive Black Metal and a melange of Goth friendly tunes and a bit of a primal dancy run.
  • [80]20021101-1.1:13:29 105,839K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Loungy...but for the metal end.
  • [79]20021001-1.1:16:19 109,900K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Soft Rock
    • Comments - Sing your freakin heart out.
  • [78]20020901-1.1:11:43 103,286K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Lot of very accessible stuff climaxing in Disco. Mainstream radio in the late 70's.
  • [77]20020801-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    Groove Pop
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Quiet and ambiguous with a few beats.
  • [76]20020701-1.1:19:57 115,147K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Quiet experimental beginning with rambunctious middle and soulful ending.
  • [75]20020601-1.1:12:23 104,244K Disco Boy
    Really Good
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Laid back Rock and Electronica blend with a bit of head banging.
  • [74]20020501-1.1:11:35 103,103K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Black Metal and many jungly rocky folky interludes.
  • [73]20020401-1.1:13:07 105,298K Disco Boy
    Way Funky
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Experimental electronics of fairly toothless almost relaxing nature, some Black Metal (as usual), ending in the greatest political anthem of all time.
  • [72]20020309-1.1:32:44 133,554K Disco Boy
    • Genre - Hardcore, Metal
    • Comments - Hardcore Techno and Black Metal with some Industrial bits.
  • [71]20020301-1.1:11:38 103,175K Disco Boy
    What Do We Find
    • Genre - Eclectic
    • Comments - Many forms of darkness and moodiness consistent but for a babble.
  • [70]20020220-1.1:15:52 109,257K Disco Boy
    Picture X
    • Genre - Metal
    • Comments - Triumphant Black Metal and Death Metal. Sometimes you think you hear an intro to a children's fairy tail but then all you get is a bit of synth drowned in riffs and growls.
  • [69]20020209-1.1:12:12