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The avant-garde of the New Age; Gillig Phantom's Four- Way Pink Awakening, is an exploration of the conflict between New Age and Fundamentalist agenda in light of the approaching millennium. The 4WPA is also a positive, nurturing ritual designed to bring people together using themes and practices which address the hopes of the New Age.

If New Age belief draws upon world religions in an attempt to forge a universal spirituality, then let the art community extend its support, since art is also a religion.

1st phase: installation, open to the general public; 1 day- 3 weeks, depending on the level of hysteria desired. This is a simulation of the approach of the millennium.

A four-way crucifix will be installed in the middle of a space. This structure is 7' by 7' by 9', composed of leather, carved redwood and cable. It is designed for the bondage-style crucifixion of 4 humans and it visually expresses this intent, especially because of the thongs and straps of leather which drape the structure like tendrils. Inside the structure rest various instruments to be utilized by the coordinator, including a tower of 8-track players which have been manipulated to deliver an endless, ever changing ambient sound. 20 speakers surround our New Age Golgotha. These speakers double as altars which display various talismans appropriate for the ritual they anticipate. The surrounding walls each bear a painting, each a substantial commodity, available for sale, subject to commission. The 4WPA is an experience, a theory and a commodity. Handmade silk and leather booklets, containing the basic idea of Gillig Phantom and a limited edition of unique reproductions, including New Age Boob collages, are available for sale.

2nd phase: one evening of music and a lecture - live exposition of the dogma and aesthetic of Gillig Phantom.

The live sound of Gillig Phantom will be collaboration between members of the experimental electronic community. The lecture will be delivered as an ambient rap, for the entertainment and erudition of the general public. Gillig Phantom and collaborators will be performing from within the structure. This event should be regarded as a warning and a promise of the 4-Way Pink Awakening. It is the last chance the general public will have to enjoy the spectacle. To enter the third phase one must get aboard Gillig Phantom as a collaborator or as one of the chosen four.

3rd phase: the awakening.

Four people, initiates selected by Gillig Phantom, shall be bound to the cross by a team consisting of Gillig Phantom and friends of the initiates. The only other witnesses shall be designated future collaborators. The crucified are the audience. After the initiates have been bound and have had facial peels applied, all but Gillig Phantom shall adjourn to the area designated for massage. Gillig Phantom will then challenge the inhibition of the initiates with an assortment of acts, both symbolic and physically engaging. Fog, lights, sound, dance, reptiles, elixirs, potions, and theater shall be employed. This should be considered as an ongoing experiment dedicated to exploring the ingredients for a good night out. 43 minutes until deposition, then those in the outer chamber emerge to untie the awakened. They will be stiff and therefore climax in the hands of others as they receive massage and libation, wheat grass and other staples of the spiritually inclined.

Gillig Phantom will then dismantle the 4WPA and dance until dawn.



Gillig Phantom is ready to consider collaboration, ready to tie up new initiates, ready for action. A space for massage and reception will be separate from the space where the awakening will occur. This space will contain odd and organic taste sensations.

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